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Kubesafe + NetApp: Kubernetes backup with ONTAP storage

Charlotte Brooks

Kubesafe X NetAppKubernetes has become ubiquitous as an orchestrator for container application; however, it is also well known for its steep learning curve. If you’re a storage administrator or an IT generalist, you might get tasked with backing up stateful applications in Kubernetes. Where are you going to start? How can you meet the availability and protection requirements simply, efficiently, and without having to become a Kubernetes expert? Read on to learn how Kubesafe and NetApp can help.

Kubesafe, a NetApp Excellerator and Founder Friendly Labs startup, offers the first Kubernetes data protection solution that does not require an intermediate object storage infrastructure or additional hardware. Kubesafe employs enterprise-proven existing business continuity solutions like NetApp® SnapMirror® and NetApp Snapshot™ copy technologies, enabling customers to leverage their investment in existing infrastructure for container applications, saving time, effort, and money. Furthermore, it’s simple to set up and run and doesn’t require a deep underlying knowledge of Kubernetes. Kubesafe Logo

NetApp ONTAP® data protection capabilities form the foundation for the availability and data assurance that today’s information-centric environments demand. Snapshot copies are efficient, point-in-time images of the data that offer almost instant recovery. SnapMirror provides secure high-speed transport of Snapshot copies to additional locations, enabling enhanced site-to-site failover and disaster recovery. And all of this is tied together with flexible policy and scheduling options to support the operational requirements of business-critical applications.

Kubernetes application backup

Kubesafe takes a unique application-centric view of data protection rather than an infrastructure-centric view. It’s easy to use, policy driven, and provides holistic protection for application data and also the surrounding artifacts such as code images, services, metadata, and configuration information. Additionally, Kubesafe enables local and remote backup across hybrid cloud, multi-account, and multi-infrastructure environments, thereby increasing customer choice and flexibility.

Unlike traditional backup solutions, Kubesafe focuses on applications rather than nodes or virtual machines. It couples the new microservices-based application paradigm with the capabilities built into modern storage platforms like ONTAP. Kubesafe runs on all key distributions of Kubernetes and is easy to use, requiring no specialized expertise.

Kubesafe Application

Tight integration with ONTAP

NetApp and Kubesafe have partnered to provide support for NetApp Snapshot technology in the Kubesafe data protection software. This integration gives customers efficient application protection across Kubernetes environments that are backed by ONTAP storage.

This integration offers customers the following key benefits: Efficient backups. Leverage ONTAP Snapshot copies and SnapMirror technology along with Kubesafe technology to efficiently back up only the data that has changed. Quick recovery. Quickly recover applications from ONTAP Snapshot copies from either local or remote locations. Cost-effective solution. Leverage ONTAP Snapshot and SnapMirror technologies for space-efficient application backups. Rapid cloning. Enable rapid application-level cloning solutions for Kubernetes environments. NetApp and Kubesafe technologies combine to offer customers a low-RPO application backup and recovery solution for Kubernetes environments.

Get started today

Try the free edition of Kubesafe on ONTAP today with quick installation in less than 5 minutes. Learn more about: the Kubesafe and NetApp partnership. You can find more information about NetApp SnapMirror on the NetApp product page.

If you have any questions, contact us via email, web, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Find out more about data protection with Kubesafe here..

Charlotte Brooks

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