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“It was like magic.” NetApp and Google Cloud help another amazed customer

Oliver Krause

MailerLite Old-school business problems are sometimes the most satisfying to solve.

The Lithuanian email marketing company MailerLite had a tricky file migration challenge. The company needed to move hundreds of millions of files to Google Cloud, but didn’t want to jeopardize ongoing operations. These operations included more than 30 million emails a day, hundreds of thousands of landing pages, and dozens of other pieces of content: promotion pop-ups, websites, forms, surveys, and code resources.

MailerLite had already tried standard migration tools and native storage options, but nothing worked. So, Google recommended NetApp.

Read this customer success story to learn how MailerLite used NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, NetApp XCP Migration Tool, and NetApp Snapshot™ technology to migrate the millions of files. In the process, MailerLite established a more robust, flexible data management system for the company’s expansion plans.

“It was like magic,” said Gediminas Andrijaitis, chief process officer at MailerLite. “The cost, the price, the service—NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is a great investment. We are happy with it.”

Read the details of MailerLite’s migration in this new case study.

Oliver Krause

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