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Introducing the Cisco Intersight and NetApp ONTAP Integrated Management Solution for FlexPod

Carol Chan

For months, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the fruits of the Cisco Intersight and NetApp ONTAP collaboration. FlexPod customers and partners have played a key role in the technical preview of the Intersight-ONTAP integration and provided invaluable feedback to help shape the final product.

Well, the wait is finally over…

FlexPod 2022 Today, we are ushering in a new era of intelligent infrastructure management for FlexPod. Today also marks the beginning of a new journey for the Cisco and NetApp collaboration. The new journey follows a successful 10-year partnership in building up FlexPod to be the leading converged system platform for enterprises around the globe.

It’s not the strongest that survive, nor the smartest, but the one most responsive to change. — Charles Darwin

Mission critical applications and workloads have long relied on FlexPod’s proven reliability, security and performance. These attributes are strengthened by NetApp’s hybrid-cloud leadership, and the result proves to be formidable. To adapt to an ever-changing IT landscape, many customers are turning to FlexPod to anchor their cloud strategy for connecting their on-premises datacenter solutions with distributed hybrid-cloud services.

And now we are further enhancing the FlexPod customer experience with the new Intersight-ONTAP integrated management solution.

Using the Intersight-ONTAP management solution, you can easily monitor your distributed FlexPod assets – storage, compute, and network – from a centralized dashboard with a click of a button. Not only that, you can also initiate common FlexPod operations from the Intersight portal. Many mundane operation tasks have been automated and streamlined, elevating the ability of IT to tackle business challenges and stay ahead of the curve.

Easily monitor your distributed FlexPod assets from a centralized dashboard with a click of a button And what better way to experience the power of this new Intersight-ONTAP integrated management solution than to see it in action.

thumb_enhance-your-flexpod-management-experience-with-Cisco-Intersight_video For more information, please contact Carol Chan (NetApp) and Nitin Garg (Cisco).

Here are some additional resources about FlexPod and Intersight:

Carol Chan

Carol Chan is a Senior Product Manager for FlexPod. She joined NetApp in 2018 with 20+ years of enterprise experience. Prior to NetApp, Carol has led product management and marketing at multiple high tech companies including Dell EMC, VCE, Equinix, Sun Microsystems and HPE. Carol has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and MBA from Santa Clara University.

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