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Introducing Microsoft Multi-Party Private Offers

: Empowering NetApp partners, sellers, and customers on Azure Marketplace

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Johnny Schuerenberg
Johnny Schuerenberg

We’ve all heard someone described as being “like a kid in a candy store.” The phrase conjures an image of a person overwhelmed by choice, energized by seemingly limitless possibilities, lit up with anticipatory glee. With the rollout of Microsoft’s Multi-Party Private Offer (MPO) initiative—and the excitement it’s generating—those kids are NetApp, our partners, and our customers. We’re all about to become “like B2B technology buyers in the Azure Marketplace.”

Partners and sellers have eagerly awaited the arrival of Microsoft’s MPO initiative, and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s finally here! With MPO, partners can now earn front-side margins on their Azure Marketplace transactions, creating more opportunities for growth and success. But that’s not all—MPO is a game changer for customers as well, giving them a streamlined, one-stop marketplace experience and a way to strategically use their IT budgets against their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC).

Industry trends have set the stage for MPO, highlighting its immense potential

  • Licensing. With increasing cloud adoption, some larger organizations are managing as many as 600 SaaS applications.
  • Budgets. With cloud spending predicted to reach $600 billion by the end of 2023, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to optimize their cloud investments and make operations more cost effective.
  • Simplicity. Millennials make up 60% of B2B technology buyers, and they want simplified procurement processes and more comprehensive self-serve options.

MPO addresses these needs head-on, offering a powerful solution that uniquely benefits partners, sellers, and customers.

MPO benefits for partners

Until now, partners had to rely on “bring your own license” (BYOL) transactions to earn immediate compensation, because Marketplace transactions provided no way for them to be part of the deal. However, BYOL doesn’t help customers decrement their MACC with Microsoft like an MPO can. With MPO, partners can now generate immediate, front-end revenue by facilitating transactions for NetApp® solutions on Azure Marketplace. Additionally, every dollar of NetApp Cloud Services purchased through Azure Marketplace typically drives an incremental $4 to $7 of Azure spending on other first-party and third-party solutions, really putting our partners in business. 

Selling in the Azure Marketplace and moving away from the transactional exchange of the BYOL model fosters an ongoing, solution-focused relationship with customers. MPO opens up new possibilities and revenue streams, empowering partners to expand their influence, tap into Microsoft’s extensive customer base, and drive Azure adoption.

MPO benefits for customers

With MPO, customers can now leverage their Microsoft MACC to strategically manage their IT budgets. Every eligible dollar spent on NetApp Azure solutions through MPO counts toward their MACC, allowing them to decrement their commitments while acquiring valuable technology assets. This is a significant change and a huge advantage over traditional BYOL purchases, because it aligns with customers’ strategic spending goals and helps them optimize their Azure investments. In addition, Azure Marketplace supports the management of multiple SaaS applications with consolidated billing and reporting across the Microsoft partner network.

How partners can get started with MPO

  1. Ask your customer if they have a MACC. If they do, let them know that every eligible dollar they spend on NetApp Azure solutions through MPO helps them burn down their MACC.
  2. Reach out to Microsoft to set up your MPO account, linking your Azure account to your bank and tax information to get an Azure Marketplace Seller ID.
  3. Contact NetApp to become a certified MPO partner by having someone at NetApp complete the NetApp MPO Reseller Authorization Form on your behalf, linking your new Azure Marketplace Seller ID.
  4. Create an MPO by having your NetApp account representative fill out the internal Private Offer request form. This step ensures a personalized and tailored experience for your customers.
  5. Find answers to questions you have along the way by contacting your NetApp partner manager or emailing for assistance.

Multi-Party Private Offers are a win for everyone involved

More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure, and the Marketplace has experienced an impressive 600% growth in the last 2 years. Now, partners and sellers can more easily tap into that customer base to earn revenue through Azure Marketplace transactions, driving growth and meeting business goals. Customers are increasingly migrating to the cloud and looking for cost-effective cloud solutions. They’ll surely light up “like kids in a candy store” as they benefit from streamlined procurement processes, the ability to optimize their MACC spending, and access to the comprehensive solutions offered on the Marketplace.

NetApp is excited to continue working closely with Microsoft to enhance the MPO experience and deliver even greater value to partners, sellers, and customers. Together, we’re shaping the future of cloud transactions and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Johnny Schuerenberg

Johnny Schuerenberg is the Alliances lead for NetApp’s Global Azure Partner ecosystem. He is responsible for bringing NetApp’s Azure solutions to market with partners globally. He is currently focused on the development of NetApp’s Azure MPO program. In his 5+ years at NetApp, Johnny has prioritized creating value for partners by influencing and driving initiatives that help cloud partners grow more profitably. Before NetApp, he spent 12 years at Microsoft working with partners, and collectively he has over 25 years of Microsoft channel experience. Johnny is a dedicated father of three and at-home chef.

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