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Innovating to serve all customer workloads across the hybrid multi-cloud

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Octavian Tanase
Octavian Tanase

At NetApp, we are innovating every day to deliver cloud-led, data-centric software that enables our customers to put their data to work across a wide range of business-critical applications. We carefully listen and co-innovate with our customers to help them accelerate and de-risk their digital transformation journey. We also have a successful track record to partner with key tech innovators such as NVIDIA, AWS, VMware, Azure & Google cloud to deliver solutions to the simplify storage and data management realm.

Customer success is validation of our success in delivering on the promise of true hybrid multi-cloud data management. And for further validation, we’re pleased to have had GigaOm, a fully independent expert analyst firm, list us in recent reports as the one and only company that provides unified enterprise storage across on-prem and the largest public clouds utilizing a single enterprise data management software, NetApp ONTAP.

Our customers have countless workloads such as traditional enterprise-critical databases, big data analytics with increasing use of AI/ML, large scale unstructured data lakes, and virtualized environments increasingly taking advantage of containers. The number and diversity of workloads are only increasing over time.

At the same time, those workloads are leveraging data now distributed across multiple data centers and in multiple public clouds. In a recent global survey of IT decision makers and infrastructure owners, the vast majority plan to operate their business in hybrid cloud environments. They are doing so to speed innovation, be more responsive to customers, and increase collaboration.

Simplifying with a unified data fabric

How can customers get the simplicity they need to operate, while workloads proliferate across multiple clouds? The enemy of simplicity is siloed point solutions. CIOs can no longer afford to pick one vendor for one workload on one cloud, another vendor for a different cloud, and so forth.

Only NetApp provides a single set of rich data management services anywhere data lives. NetApp helps customers build data fabrics, so they can deliver data when, where, and how they need it with consistent data services and industry-leading protection, security, and cost optimization.

You don’t have to take our word for it. We are trusted by many of the world’s greatest brands – Dreamworks, Ducati, Siemens, AstraZeneca and many more great customer stories.

GigaOm: Validation of our customer-centric innovation strategy

I mentioned that GigaOm has recently validated our strategy and expertise. More specifically, GigaOm has recently released three of their GigaOm Radar reports, for cloud file systems, primary storage, and enterprise scale-out file systems. In all three, NetApp was a leader.

But upon closer inspection, NetApp is not just a leader in all three reports, but the only vendor to lead in all three! GigaOm recognized our ability to support our customers’ primary workloads, enterprise scale-out file workloads, and cloud file services, and saw no other vendor who could do all three!

As GigaOm reported, NetApp is the only vendor with a multi-cloud strategy and execution that translates to a continuous data management plane (across clouds and locations), a comprehensive enterprise-grade feature set, and varied, flexible deployment options.

Frankly, we weren’t surprised by the GigaOm reviews, as we've heard from our customers and partners how we help them bust their silos and simplify their environment with a data fabric for every workload across on-prem and in the cloud. But even when you know you’re on the right track, it’s deeply appreciated to be validated by industry experts such as GigaOm.

Octavian Tanase

Octavian Tanase is the Senior Vice President of Engineering for NetApp’s Hybrid Cloud Group, which enables seamless cloud experiences on-premises and provides core foundational technologies to NetApp’s public cloud capabilities. 

In his current role, Octavian is responsible for driving product innovation, measurable business outcomes, and customer engagement and success with NetApp’s on-premises portfolio of products, including ONTAP, the industry’s leading enterprise data management software for shared environments. 

Prior to his leadership of the Hybrid Cloud Engineering group, Octavian was responsible for several of NetApp’s award-winning products including, AltaVault, SnapMirror, MetroCluster, and SnapVault. 

Before joining NetApp in 2010, Octavian led the Java Platform engineering group at Sun Microsystems/Oracle. He has also held various engineering roles in several start-ups in Silicon Valley. 

In addition, as an active champion of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB), Octavian is passionate about ensuring that his colleagues feel heard, represented and understood, and was responsible for introducing the first Unconscious Bias Training at NetApp. He plays a key role in various DIB programs at NetApp, including serving as a sponsor of Advancing Minority Interests in Engineering, previously serving as the Executive co-sponsor of NetApp Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, among other initiatives. 

Outside of work and when not spending time with his family, Octavian enjoys skiing, basketball and judo. He is also an active advisor for BackBox, a network automation startup. 

Octavian holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley and Executive MBA from Stanford.

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