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Increase employee productivity with cyber resilience from NetApp

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Dave Krenik
Dave Krenik

Hofstadter's Law: “It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.”

Douglas Hofstadter, Pulitzer Prize winning author, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

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Productivity (or perhaps more appropriately, the increase in productivity) keeps the world economy moving along. (Along with consumer spending, in which my family have been vigorous participants.) 

Cyber resilience enables productivity

Cyber resilience can be an enabler of productivity. McKinsey states that “… organizations best positioned to build digital trust are more likely than others to see annual growth of at least 10 percent.” Further, Accenture states in their report, “State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2023,” that companies using cybersecurity and resilience as a “changemaker” are 18% more likely to experience the following outcomes:

  • Increased ability to achieve target revenue growth and market share
  • Improved customer satisfaction and trust
  • Greater employee productivity

The high cost of a data breach

We’ve previously detailed the value of customer satisfaction and the value of high customer retention – and the staggeringly high costs of new customer acquisition. I can think of few more effective ways to accelerate customer churn than having it widely known that your customer’s private data is available on the dark web. Falling victim to bad actors using ransomware is one thing; not recovering quickly from the incident is another.

Think about what happens when you are the victim of a data breach. Your stock price tumbles (from which it can take years to recover), losing precious market cap. Customers start to flee when your incident is made public. IBM estimates that a typical data breach costs, on average, $1.3M in lost business alone. It’s hard to increase productivity when no one is buying your stuff.

It’s worth repeating: As my esteemed compatriot, Jason Blosil, has noted, NetApp helps to protect what bad actors desire most – your data. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, NetApp can detect anomalies in real time, quickly recover from a ransomware event with immutable copies of your data, and much more. NetApp enables you to take a proactive stance against ransomware with the world’s most secure storage.

The next step

Head over to NetApp’s Cyber Resilience page to see how the world’s most secure storage can help you to be more proactive in your fight against ransomware. We even guarantee it.

Dave Krenik

Dave has been bringing solutions to market under various monikers (alliances, business development, solution marketing) for more than 15 years. Before entering the world of tech, he enjoyed a 15-year stint in the wine business.

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