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Hybrid multicloud: Your all-in-one Cloud partnership

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Jenna Reed

Want to know more about how NetApp’s evolving cloud portfolio can create an all-in-one partnership for your hybrid multicloud environment?

You’ve heard of “all-in-one” solutions. But what about an “all-in-one” partnership that covers all your hybrid multicloud needs so cohesively that multiple vendor solutions can’t compare?

Good question. That’s why we asked Phoebe Goh, Principal Architect at NetApp, to answer the top questions about the unique all-in-one power of NetApp’s partnerships.

In under three minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How NetApp delivers the sustainability, cost management, and security you need across your entire hybrid multicloud environment.
  • What makes NetApp’s partnership with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud so special (lucky you: legal hasn’t got back to us on whether watching this requires an NDA).
  • Why vendor lock-in, disjointed systems, higher cloud bills, and security issues have turned the corner from “necessary evils” to “ancient hybrid multicloud cloud history.”

Watch Phoebe’s hybrid multicloud interview

As a bonus, you’ll finally get the answer to that question you’ve been wondering about. “What’s the meaning of life?” Not that one, this one: “Why is Phoebe so smitten with the cloud?” You don’t want to miss Phoebe’s response!

Jenna Reed

Jenna Reed is a technically minded intern at NetApp with a love of all things tech related.

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