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How to stop ransomware like a pro

Ransomware is a heavyweight opponent, and to beat it to the punch, you need to prepare ahead of time. If you wait until an attack happens, it’s too late for you to fight back
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Jason Blosil

Ransomware attacks are increasing in frequency and in severity. It’s no longer a matter of if you will suffer a ransomware attack, it’s when. But when it does happen, will you be prepared to fight like a pro, or will you be knocked out with a one-two punch in the first round?

Preparation is key

Ransomware is a heavyweight opponent, and to beat it to the punch, you need to prepare ahead of time. If you wait until an attack happens, it’s too late for you to fight back. Because ransomware is a multifaceted threat, you need a multilayered solution to combat it.

Follow these steps to be ready to throw the first punch and to land a knockout blow:

  1. Know what data you have, where you have it, and who has access to it. If you don’t know what you have, it’s hard to know what’s missing after an attack. If an attack does occur, knowing the “what, where, and who” of your data enables you to quickly identify which data has been compromised. And if it’s an insider attack, you can narrow down who the likely perpetrator is.
  2. Protect your data. Ransomware is all about data. When you make your data immutable and indelible, you minimize the power of the attacker.
  3. Detect anomalies. Because ransomware attacks happen every 11 seconds, you have to be on your toes—which means continuous monitoring of user accounts and storage performance for any unusual behavior that indicates an attack. To stop a ransomware attack in its tracks, your detection solution should be able to automatically block a suspicious user account, send out an alert, and create a snapshot copy of your data for a clean recovery point.
  4. Recover quickly. The best data protection and detection solutions mean nothing if you can’t recover your data and get your business back up and running quickly. Every minute of downtime adds to the financial impact of the attack—an estimated $9,000 per minute, or more than $500,000 per hour.

Toughen up your ransomware readiness

Having the right tools and technologies in place is the key to knocking out ransomware. But how do you know where to start? NetApp® ransomware solutions have you covered at every layer, with a portfolio of products and technologies that focus on thwarting threats to your data and on accelerating data recovery.

NetApp features such as read-only Snapshot™ copies, indelible SnapLock® file locking, efficient and secure SnapMirror® data replication, and AI-powered detection capabilities create highly effective preventive measures to keep your data safe during an attack. After an attack, NetApp SnapRestore® technology enables you to recover your data in seconds, instead of the days or weeks that other solutions take.

Learn more

When it comes to ransomware prevention, the best defense is a good offense. Check out NetApp solutions for ransomware. And if you need extra help in being well prepared to win the fight, the NetApp Ransomware Protection and Recovery Service is available.

See for yourself how NetApp ransomware solutions can help you fight like a pro against rogue ransomware.

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Jason is a business and marketing professional with over 20 years of product marketing, product management, and corporate finance experience. Since joining NetApp in 2008 he has been focused on SAN and NAS storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and cloud data services. When not in the office, you can find him cycling, cooking, enjoying time with family, and volunteering at his church and in the community.

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