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How NetApp Partners Can Help Customers Gain Control of Unstructured Data

Meghan Cevey


When it comes to data, we live in an increasingly unstructured world. Big data, IoT, AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, and more all generate and require mind-boggling amounts of data. On the plus side, all this data is powering the next generation of innovation, from self-driving cars to social media to new medicines to more powerful business insights. However, if it’s your job to manage all this data, it can be difficult to even know where to start.

With NetApp® solutions for unstructured data, our partners can help meet their customers’ needs for data durability, availability, performance, and cost by delivering a hybrid multicloud experience. NetApp brings together the best of public and private clouds to provide at scale the frictionless consumption, self-service, automation, programmable APIs, and infrastructure independence it takes to drive business success today.

To help bring our partners up to speed about the opportunities of unstructured data and how NetApp can help, we’ve created a three-part webcast series:

  • Introduction to the Unstructured Data Management Opportunity. An overview of the object storage landscape, including customer needs, market opportunity, use cases, and target industries. Watch the webcast now.
  • Introducing NetApp StorageGRID. Dive into the details of NetApp StorageGRID®, including its background, unique features, deployment options, and our partner solutions. Watch the webcast now.
  • NetApp StorageGRID & FabricPool. Learn how StorageGRID and FabricPool can be combined to address your customers’ unstructured data requirements. Watch the webcast now.

Enterprises need compute and storage to be elastic, simple, and seamless, so that the right data is always in the right place, at the right time, and on the right storage tier. NetApp unstructured data solutions provide the object storage necessary to manage an increasingly decentralized and heterogeneous data and application landscape.

Our technologies help our partners deliver easy-to-use, massively scalable, distributed unstructured data repositories for object applications (Amazon S3, Swift) and file applications (SMB, NFS) so your customers can dynamically manage their hot and cold data storage. And as an eleventh-generation object store with more than 15 years of production deployments in the most demanding industries, StorageGRID helps our partners offer solutions that are proven to deliver massive scale and long-term retention.

Our unstructured storage solutions are exactly what your customers need to manage their unstructured data. Watch our webcast series to get up to speed with the challenges your customers are facing and to learn what you can do to help.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog post, StorageGRID Solves Your Unstructured Data Management Problems, for access to Gartner’s latest version of the Critical Capabilities for Object Storage report. In this report, Gartner identifies use cases and critical capabilities of highly scalable, self-healing storage platforms. This report dives deep into the world of object storage by assessing 13 object storage products, including StorageGRID, against eight critical capabilities.

Meghan Cevey

Meghan Cevey is the Channel Strategist for the Americas Cloud Infrastructure sales team responsible for driving channel adoption of the NetApp portfolio. She specifically focuses on NetApp’s HCI solution which provides customers with the most efficient and robust hybrid cloud infrastructure in the market today. In 2007, Meghan joined NetApp as a Field Marketing Manager supporting the Northeast Region. Over the past twelve years Meghan has held various roles within NetApp in the Field Marketing and Channel organizations. Her roles have spanned multiple regions across the country. Prior to being named the Cloud Infrastructure Channel Strategist, Meghan was the Channel Development Manager leading the channel strategy for the Global Financial Region out of New York City. Meghan took the role of Channel Strategist in May 2018, blending field experience and diverse perspectives from the marketing and sales organizations to help power the NetApp channel transformation and adoption of hybrid cloud solutions. Prior to NetApp, Meghan was a top performing sales manager in a global events and advertising agency based in NYC and Bristol, England. She is fluent in Spanish and holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Tennessee. Meghan is very active in various charities, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization very close to her heart.

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