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Chip chip hooray! There’s hope for your Hadoop environment

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Lisa Hines
Lisa Hines

As an avid lover of Mexican cuisine, I frequent a small local restaurant where I delight myself by indulging in chips and salsa. One busy Friday night, my server promptly dropped off a fresh basket of chips — but no salsa. My consumption of chips came to an abrupt halt….no salsa…no chips . For me, chips and salsa are tightly coupled, and if my Friday evening requires more of one, then more of the other is also required.

Hadoop environments

And so it is with on-premises Hadoop environments. On premises, Hadoop data lakes are built on clusters made up of nodes that orchestrate and execute the various jobs (for example MapReduce) on a Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS). HDFS makes three copies of every file, so there’s a high “tax” on storage capacity. In this architecture, compute and storage are tied together like chips and salsa. As datasets grow and require additional storage purchases, additional investments in compute are also required, even if they’re not needed.

By disaggregating compute and storage in your current Hadoop environment and implementing shared storage with NetApp® ONTAP® data management software, on your premises or in the cloud, you can optimize the overall Hadoop experience for both IT and end users.

If your organization has outgrown Hadoop and you need to out-innovate your competition, then stop with the chips and salsa and order a margarita.

Moving to a better analytics platform

By moving to a better analytics platform with disaggregated compute and storage, you can increase both performance and flexibility. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP can enable a federated data lake that allows you to use data from your existing data lakes and data warehouses without duplicating it.

The healthcare industry is under immense pressure to move toward true health care and away from sick care. Value-based care and alternative payment models are shifting financial risk away from health insurance payers and toward the providers. Data-driven decisions are guiding this shift, and a robust data management strategy is at the core of the mandatory modernized analytics environment.

Whatever path you choose to support your organization’s journey toward a data-driven environment, NetApp can help you build a robust data fabric that can provide reusable data services and pipelines and accelerate insights to drive business outcomes.

NetApp and your data go together like chips and salsa!

Lisa Hines

Lisa Hines is a healthcare CIO on NetApp’s Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Team. Her 25 years of real-world experience in the industry allows her to deliver strategic insights and strategic planning for customers and partners.

Throughout her career, she has led numerous early adopter projects in the healthcare provider space and has participated in statewide collaborative efforts to improve access to high-quality health care, while effectively managing the cost of providing care.

She is an active HIMSS member and has held numerous board positions in her local chapter. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys lake life, kayaking, and standup paddleboarding.

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