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IT Analyst Firm Evaluator Group Finds That NetApp HCI Delivers

Cynthia Gutowski

Although hyperconverged infrastructures work for smaller installations, their design neglects the ability to span and scale a choice of resources across the data center and multiple public clouds. We designed NetApp® HCI, a hybrid cloud infrastructure, to deliver a public cloud consumption experience with simplicity, dynamic scale, and operational efficiency to enterprise hybrid multiclouds.

In early 2019, IT analyst firm Evaluator Group completed in-lab testing of NetApp HCI using VM and VDI scenarios designed to represent typical usage in an enterprise hybrid cloud environment.

“With ability to scale capacity and storage performance, the NetApp HCI systems offers a greater degree of flexibility than many competing HCI systems.”

Evaluator Group tested NetApp HCI for VM workloads using the IOmark-VM2 workload set. It also assessed VDI workloads using the IOmark-VDI “standard” workload set, which measures the number of VDI instances a storage system is able to support while still meeting application latency requirements. Additionally, Evaluator Group performed tests designed to understand the features and capabilities of the NetApp HCI system, including quality of service (QoS), scalability, and error handling.

Download the Evaluator Group Lab Insight, “Scaling Performance for Enterprise HCI Environments,” for details about NetApp HCI testing parameters, findings, and recommended deployments.

“The NetApp HCI proved its ability to deliver scalable performance, including the most VDI instances for any HCI system Evaluator Group has tested and the most VM instances of any HCI configuration under $1M. The NetApp HCI achieved these records with data reduction enabled, providing significant capacity savings. In contrast, competing HCI solutions often disable data reduction during benchmarking.”

The report evaluates enterprise HCI, compares NetApp HCI to traditional HCI and CI solutions, and gives an overview of the features of NetApp solutions.

See for yourself how NetApp HCI can free your enterprise from the limits of today’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions that are complex, can’t consolidate all of your workloads, force you to scale in ways that strand resources, and throttle the performance required by next-generation applications.

Realize the true promise of an enterprise-scale hybrid cloud infrastructure solution with NetApp HCI.

Cynthia Gutowski

Cyndi Gutowski is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp where she drives business agility through SolidFire and Element OS. With over 25 years in the storage industry she has held a variety of roles in the lab and as a Product Manager, Tech Marketing Manager, and Strategic Customer Manager for disk, flash, and software only solutions aimed at digital transformation. Prior to joining NetApp, Cyndi was the Technical Product Marketing and Strategic Customer Manager at Oracle responsible for Hybrid Cloud solutions

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