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When NetApp wins, you win (and we just won big)

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Kris Cornwall
Kris Cornwall

One of the things that makes our industry—data storage—so exciting is that it’s mature, yet it continues to evolve rapidly with technological innovations and new vendors. As you look to adapt to changing business requirements that dictate better performance, more capacity, integration with the cloud, protection from cyberthreats, and more, this evolution offers more capabilities to meet your needs. But it also can make your buying decision more complex. So, how can you cut through the marketing information and product specs to make the right decision? This is where independent validation can be valuable.

GigaOm is taking note

Recently, NetApp was recognized by the respected research analyst firm GigaOm for not one, not two, but three Outperformer placements in their annual GigaOm Radar reports for storage. NetApp has always been a leader, but to be recognized in three major categories of storage is heartwarming to us. (And this year is no anomaly; we’ve achieved this recognition for the second year running!) Whether you’re a midsize business growing rapidly, you’re an established enterprise looking to corral your exploding data infrastructure, or you have requirements for extremely high-performance scale-out file systems and the most demanding workload applications, NetApp has the solution. Thanks, GigaOm, for the recognition!

Gigaom Radar report

And this comes on top of the GigaOm Radar for Cloud File Systems, in which NetApp was also named an Outperformer last December. You might say we’re the undisputed storage services and systems leader across the hybrid multicloud.

Rich, consistent set of capabilities

How did NetApp get recognized as an Outperformer across these disparate categories? As GigaOm points out, “NetApp offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade capabilities that retain consistency regardless of the deployment model.” In fact, GigaOm recognizes that “NetApp’s offering and ecosystem are very rich and comprehensive.”

Solutions designed to meet your needs

OK, we know we’re bragging, but winning isn't everything. Honestly, the recognition is outstanding, but delivering data solutions and software that makes you, our customers, happy and successful is more important. Whether on premises, in the clouds, or anywhere in between, NetApp gives you proven storage solutions to match your demanding needs. We hope you find the GigaOm validation to be the icing on the cake. Learn more about NetApp storage systems.

Kris Cornwall

Kristine Cornwall is responsible for product marketing strategy and execution for the company’s enterprise storage portfolio. A 25-year storage veteran with positions at Sun Microsystems and EMC/Dell Technologies in roles of increasing scope and responsibility, Kris is a graduate of the University of Washington and holds an MBA from The Wharton School.

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