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General availability: Cross-region replication for Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

Cloud Volumes Service volume replication harnesses NetApp SnapMirror technology reducing the amount of data required to replicate, reducing data transfer costs and shorten replication.

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Robert Cox
Robert Cox

We’re announcing the general availability of a major new capability in NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud: volume replication. With this disaster recovery capability, you can replicate your Cloud Volumes Service volumes between select Google Cloud region pairs continuously, quickly, and cost effectively, protecting your data from unforeseeable regional failures. Cloud Volumes Service volume replication harnesses NetApp SnapMirror® technology, so only changed blocks—in a compressed, efficient format—are sent over the network. And because this technology reduces the amount of data required to replicate across the regions by up to 50% or more, you reduce data transfer costs. It also shortens the replication time so that you can achieve a smaller restore point objective (RPO).

How it works

The technology follows a full and incremental-forever replication mechanism. It minimizes the amount of data required to replicate across the regions, so you get high data availability and fast data replication for your business-critical applications, including (but not limited to) Microsoft SQL Server, SAP non-HANA databases, file shares, and virtual desktop user profiles. You can achieve a smaller RPO, because NetApp Snapshot™ copies can be created, and volumes can be transferred more frequently with minimal data transfers. Further, volume replication means you no longer need host-based replication mechanisms, which lets you avoid virtual machine and software license cost.

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To learn more, check out the articles Using volume replication to protect your data and Workflow for managing cloud volumes, and read about the five benefits of using Cloud Volumes Service. You can also book a 1:1 session and take Cloud Volumes Service for a test drive.

Robert Cox

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