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FlexPod as a service equals financial flexibility

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Jamie Wheeler

In annual planning, ideas for the coming year are presented, rejected or accepted, and then prioritized. During these conversations, stakeholders consider a multitude of factors, including alignment to company goals and ROI, and it’s crucial to ensure that your proposals hit the mark. FlexPod® XCS is here to change the narrative and help with those difficult conversations, so you can gain access to capabilities that increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs, just like your manager requested:

  • Automation gives time back to administrators to prioritize critical tasks.
  • Full-stack visibility offers comprehensive insight and proactive alerts to prevent miscues.
  • Simplified hybrid cloud connectivity positions your business to serve your clients better.

FlexPod as a Service

Additionally, FlexPod now offers FlexPod as a Service to provide financial options. FlexPod users can align their infrastructure costs to usage and prevent oversized capital expenditure outlays. This additional funding gives organizations the opportunity to take on multiple capital-intensive priorities, rather than having to choose just one. FlexPod as a Service grows with your organization to meet your requirements for more capacity and improved performance.

45% of organizations find the flexibility to pay for storage as either opex or capex highly valuable. Cisco and NetApp have come together to create best-in-class solutions with a flexible consumption model. Watch the video to see how you can boost speed, agility, and scale on your terms.
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To stay ahead of competing business priorities and shifting economic landscapes, customers need agility and cloudlike consumption, so we continue to innovate, and flexibility remains fundamental to our approach. With FlexPod as a Service you can:

  • Reduce or eliminate upfront capital costs.
  • Improve utilization and reduce overprovisioning.
  • Preserve capital with pay-as-you-grow services.
  • Speed up rollouts: Eliminate capex purchasing cycles and stand up infrastructure with less staff.
  • Reduce risk: We make sure that performance requirements are met so you don’t have to.

Learn more

FlexPod as a Service is provisioned for today and flexible for the future. Read the FlexPod as a Service solution brief and connect with a specialist to learn how we can help your organization achieve greater financial flexibility.

Jamie Wheeler

Jamie is a product marketing manager for NetApp’s on-prem portfolio including FAS hybrid arrays and AFF all-flash systems. Previously, Jamie spent time developing go-to-market strategies for NetApp’s professional services solutions. When not in the office, you can find him hiking, biking, and enjoying time with family.

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