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FlexPod hybrid cloud: Top 5 things to know

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Carol Chan

FlexPod® is the proven converged infrastructure solution for on-premises private cloud. Customers trust FlexPod solutions to run critical business workloads in data centers and branch offices alike. Using the data fabric capabilities of NetApp® ONTAP®, IT can enjoy consistent enterprise-grade data management services for all FlexPod systems – they’re simple, efficient, secure, reliable, and flexible.

As companies accelerate their enterprise modernization, they demand the same superior data services when they extend data-centric workloads to the cloud. NetApp leads the data management innovations to embrace hybrid cloud, and delivers integrated capabilities across all deployment models on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. That means no more stranded data silo to worry about. 

Here are the top 5 things to know about FlexPod hybrid cloud.


Cisco Intersight

1. Cisco Intersight

Cisco Intersight ( is a cloud-based management solution that enables customers to manage FlexPod solutions across large, distributed environments. From a centralize dashboard, you can create policies and profiles, orchestrate workloads and applications, and automate IT workflows to simplify operations and increase efficiency. Additionally, Intersight lets you manage and optimize your datacenter infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud. For details, see the Cisco Intersight for NetApp Storage demo.

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

2. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP delivers advanced storage management for file and block workloads on-premises and in the hybrid cloud. FlexPod customers can utilize Cloud Volumes ONTAP to optimize cloud storage performance and costs while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance. IT can also use this powerful solution in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

NetApp Cloud Manager

3. NetApp Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager gives IT a centralized control plane to manage, monitor, and automate data in hybrid cloud environments. It offers an integrated experience for NetApp Cloud Volumes Platform.  Whether your ONTAP storage is located on-premises, in a FlexPod private cloud, or hosted in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, you can use Cloud Manager to simplify storage management operations across all environments from a centralized dashboard. 

NetApp Cloud Insights

4. NetApp Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights gives you complete visibility into your infrastructure and applications. IT can monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize system resources and applications, whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. Cloud Insights is fully integrated with NetApp Active IQ® real-time data analytics to provide predictive alerts and recommended action. In this whitepaper, FlexPod with NetApp Cloud Insights illustrates how IT can use Cloud Insights services to monitor FlexPod storage in the datacenter and hybrid cloud.

NetApp FabricPool

5. NetApp FabricPool

FabricPool is a NetApp data fabric technology that enables automated tiering of cold data to low-cost object storage on-premises or in a hybrid cloud. It’s transparent to all applications and workloads. Using FabricPool, IT can reduce overall storage costs without compromising performance, efficiency, or protection. This technical report, FlexPod with FabricPool, highlights how IT can tier inactive data from a FlexPod datacenter to AWS.

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NetApp and Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have collaborated to develop fully managed file storage services for hybrid cloud. These services are powered by the innovative technologies of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

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Carol Chan

Carol Chan is a Senior Product Manager for FlexPod. She joined NetApp in 2018 with 20+ years of enterprise experience. Prior to NetApp, Carol has led product management and marketing at multiple high tech companies including Dell EMC, VCE, Equinix, Sun Microsystems and HPE. Carol has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and MBA from Santa Clara University.

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