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NetApp once again takes the podium at annual Microsoft Partner Awards

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Gabie Boko
Gabie Boko

Some patterns are just too hard to ignore! We are ecstatic that once again, Microsoft US will honor NetApp at its Inspire Conference in July 2023 for our work helping customers innovate on Microsoft and NetApp® technology. In the past, NetApp has been recognized for innovation in cloud solutions, data migration, community response, SAP to Azure migration, education, and customer experience. One customer’s remark truly made my day: “I’d never give a vendor a 10 out of 10 on a survey, but if I could give NetApp an 11 out of 10, I would.

Why did we return to this prestigious podium?

We owe it to testimonials like this one from Mark Papermaster, CTO and EVP, Technology and Engineering, AMD: “Our engineers are innovating at a remarkable pace. All of that begins with the radical new way we approach electronic design automation. Partnering with Azure, we’re providing unparalleled performance for key EDA workloads…and to achieve our storage requirements, Azure NetApp Files is essential.

Although the details of our submission are confidential, here are a few highlights from partners input that are a great illustration of the customer-focused, results-driven approach ingrained in our approach:

  • An automotive manufacturer substantially accelerated the development timeframe of electric and autonomous vehicles, enabled by NetApp technology that lets them collect, process, and analyze massive volumes of data from sources around the globe in just seconds.
  • Electronic design automation (EDA) and chip manufacturers slashed design and manufacturing times by streamlining the processes to create new chip technologies that power our world.
  • A robotics manufacturer eliminated production downtime of industrial robotic systems by designing and implementing a high-performance, scalable environment with NetApp’s built-in protection, backup, and rapid recovery capabilities.
  • An engineering team eliminated latency for transportation supply chains by modernizing design platforms, enabling teams to access massive CAD files and collaborate in real time on mission-critical workloads.

The winners and finalists of the 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards have demonstrated the best of what’s possible with the Microsoft Cloud by providing innovative new solutions and services that positively impact customers and enable digital transformation.” — Nina Harding, Corporate VP, Microsoft US Global

But what does this mean to you?

It’s one thing for me to tell you why our long-term partnership with Microsoft sets us apart. But this independent validation is the stamp of approval that underscores why we stand apart. It’s a vote of confidence from Microsoft, which evaluates thousands of submissions.

Here are the top five reasons that we’ve again been recognized by Microsoft.

  1. NetApp leads the way in hybrid cloud and cloud-native solutions.
    Pushing the boundaries of what data can do is ingrained in our DNA. We deliver capabilities that defy prevailing assumptions about the cloud and the limitations around data. Our solutions remove technological roadblocks, allowing you to achieve unparalleled business impact.

  2. NetApp is ultra-focused on meeting your business needs with tailored technology solutions.
    Our recognition is not based on mere ideas or theories. Microsoft’s awards program requires tangible evidence of business value and benefit. We provide hard numbers, return on investment, transformative outcomes, and a wealth of customer testimonials. NetApp empowers business leaders to embrace unprecedented business models, including artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

  3. Microsoft turns to NetApp for co-innovation.
    NetApp and Microsoft joined forces to develop Azure NetApp Files, an enterprise-class storage service born to meet Microsoft’s need for an Azure native storage solution. Our close collaboration with Microsoft’s engineering teams allows us to anticipate and quickly address challenges. Microsoft had many options, but they chose NetApp as their partner to build a high-performance cloud-native file storage service in Azure.

  4. Any organization can benefit from NetApp technology.
    With NetApp technology in Azure data centers around the globe, along with our cloud-ready C-series for SMB, any organization can easily leverage our innovative solutions. Azure NetApp Files and NetApp cloud products on Azure with BlueXP enable companies to reduce complexity and unify management of your data estate across on-premises and cloud environments.

  5. NetApp is your partner for life.
    Since 1992, NetApp has been at the forefront of technology, earning the trust of customers who rely on us to solve complex challenges. We foster a culture of innovation, empowering our teams to go above and beyond. One customer said, “When we had a particularly difficult project, NetApp showed up week after week at the project meetings until we solved the challenge together. I wasn’t paying them to be there, they just came because they cared.” That commitment is why Microsoft continues to recognize us as a top partner driving innovation and customer value. NetApp gains lifetime customers because we solve intractable problems together.

A double celebration!

This award comes on the heels of another celebration: the fourth birthday of Azure NetApp Files. This cloud-native, fully managed file storage service has been one of our greatest co-innovations with Microsoft, and we couldn’t be prouder of its success. Thank you to all of our customers, our partners, and our NetApp teams. This recognition from Microsoft is for all of us!

To learn how you can easily run file-based apps on a native cloud service, read the Azure NetApp Files overview.

Gabie Boko

Gabie Boko is the Chief Marketing Officer at NetApp. She has spent over 22 years in the technology industry and led transformations in senior marketing roles for companies including Cognos, SAP, Sage and HPE. Her experience has focused on connecting customer success to innovative experiences in software applications and cloud services, digital marketing and websites, customer storytelling, product UX and events. Born and raised in Alaska, Ms. Boko is an avid outdoors person, wildlife photographer and advocate for protecting our natural resources and rural communities.

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