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Fast track to cloud with NetApp and Kyndryl

NetApp and Kyndryl: exponential success driven by opportunity

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Mark Chadwick
Mark Chadwick

The long-standing relationship between NetApp® and Kyndryl is a good example of exponential success through partnership.

Kyndryl and NetApp have worked together on storage capacity for over 15 years. Together, we’ve helped customers transform their businesses by combining digital capabilities with new application and data architectures, technologies, business models, and IT processes.

With go-to-market timelines getting shorter and businesses transitioning to meet the needs of a rapidly changing landscape, we knew it was time to expand our alliance. This latest collaboration will help customers manage, analyze, and optimize the increasing volumes of data that inform and guide important business decisions.

Bringing outstanding value to our offerings and expanding on success is what our strategic alliances are all about. Let’s look at some of the opportunities we’re creating by working together.

Partnership meets innovation

Managing massive volumes of data and harnessing the potential has become a monumental challenge for businesses. By 2025, the total amount of data is projected to reach 175ZB, with 80% to 90% of it unstructured.  That can represent a huge loss of opportunity.

Companies need solutions that can unlock data stored on premises, in the cloud, and in edge computing environments. Kyndryl’s expertise in IT infrastructure and managed services and NetApp’s proficiency in hybrid cloud software and data fabric are the driving forces behind new solutions that manage large volumes of data. These solutionsStatista, Volume of data/information created, captured, copied, and consumed worldwide from 2010 to 2025, March 18, 2022. can boost profitability and opportunity by providing accessibility, advanced analytics, and new insights from data scattered across multiple platforms and clouds.

Revving into cloud transformation

Assets, including text-based documents, photos, audio, and video files, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and other sources, provide businesses with insights into their customer profiles, markets, and internal operations. The ability to unlock that knowledge by using hybrid cloud and AI solutions can lead to unparalleled growth and efficiency.

NetApp CEO George Kurian has described data as a strategic imperative: “Using data to detect, understand, and drive insight becomes central to business success.”

Elly Keinan, group president of Kyndryl, has also explained how it helps customers: “The priority is helping customers across all industries solve their most pressing data and IT infrastructure challenges.”

Continuous business value

Using the right technology, a company can grow from a reactive next-day paradigm to an instantaneous AI-driven business model. That kind of growth advances transformation and adds business value, which is exactly what NetApp and Kyndryl have set out to help customers achieve.

Kyndryl’s experts in infrastructure and managed services ally with NetApp’s data and cloud specialists to create an unbeatable team of experts learning from experts.

Our collective knowledge has led to new and stronger offerings, and we continue to bring these offerings to more partners in our ecosystem and create new business together. That’s the power of exponential success.

Hybrid cloud solutions that build on our achievements

By helping more customers make the transition to cloud, manage, and leverage huge volumes of data, and deploy innovative AI solutions, we’re contributing to a new breed of business—one that can tackle some of the biggest challenges our world has ever faced.

Our new solutions, including advanced storage infrastructure as a service, also support future innovation and scalability for our customers. This support allows them to expand their capabilities and keep pace with a world that’s moving into the fast lane.

Customer benefits, sector by sector

Business opportunity comes from understanding the power of data. To help customers better organize, manage, and reap new insights, Kyndryl and NetApp are creating new hybrid cloud solutions and services that are specific to industry challenges:

  • Automotive and manufacturing: improve operational efficiencies and streamline customer experiences
  • Financial services: enhance customer satisfaction, reduce compliance risk, and deliver more targeted offerings
  • Healthcare: improve quality of patient care and outcomes, and speed clinical trials and claims review
  • Media and entertainment: increase customer satisfaction and deliver more targeted and unique offerings
  • Oil and gas: reduce drilling time, increase safety, optimize production, and improve shipping and transportation

Case study: BMW on the fast track to cloud adoption

When BMW transformed production processes to meet market demands and streamline operations, NetApp and Kyndryl performed like a super-efficient cockpit crew.

The team delivered a critical enterprise hybrid cloud and data storage infrastructure that fuels substantial innovation for the automaker. Now, working across 17 countries on five continents, BMW’s cloud transition is a showcase for the power of alliance.

With other enterprise projects in the works—CaixaBank in Spain and Anthem healthcare in the United States—the partnership of NetApp and Kyndryl is shifting quickly into high gear.

Engage with NetApp: creating value for partners

NetApp’s commitment to the power of alliances and partnerships grows partner opportunity.

Engage with NetApp and join in the growth. We understand the power of data to transform business.

As George Kurian has said, “In the age of data… all of a company’s valuable data can and should be leveraged as a critical asset that powers the business forward.”

The combined power of Kyndryl and NetApp sets us on that path together. At NetApp, we look forward to welcoming more customers and partners on our fast track to data innovation and digital transformation success.

For more information about the expanded Kyndryl and NetApp alliance and how it can create opportunity and accelerate business, please read our press release.

Mark Chadwick

Mark Chadwick is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for NetApp. In this role, he is responsible for teaming with NetApp's Strategic Partners to assist joint clients in setting and executing strategies that transform their business. Mark has spent 25+ years in the technology ecosystem orchestrating transformation and achieving customer success. As an industry leader and consultant, his experience spans enterprise and U.S. public sector customers. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from DePaul University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

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