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Introducing our new entry-level hybrid array, the FAS2820

FAS2820: Improve performance and upgrade nondisruptively

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Jamie Wheeler

Cars, clouds, energy, work, education, agriculture… You may be asking yourself, what kind of list is this?

Well, the topics on the list are a small sample of the numerous areas where a hybrid approach is being implemented. Hybrid technology has proven to be a game changer, revolutionizing the way we approach traditional systems and offering customers the best of both worlds. Just as hybrid cars combine the efficiency of electric power with the range and reliability of gas engines, hybrid storage delivers performance, flexibility, and cost effectiveness to data storage solutions. By seamlessly integrating the strengths of SSDs and HDDs, hybrid storage arrays deliver a powerful combination of speed, capacity, and affordability, offering customers the optimal balance of performance and cost for their data storage needs. Hybrid technology innovations in other industries showcase the remarkable potential of hybrid approaches in delivering superior outcomes. By drawing insights from these innovations, we can gain a deeper understanding of how hybrid technology drives customer satisfaction.

Expanding the hybrid flash family

The FAS2820 is the latest addition to the NetApp® hybrid flash portfolio, boasting up to a 50% performance improvement compared to its predecessor. Speaking of predecessors, you can reduce the disruption and expense that come with tech refreshes and take advantage of nondisruptive, in-chassis upgrades when upgrading from the FAS2720 or FAS2620. The modular design yields superior reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) which increases flexibility, streamlines maintenance, and extends the life of the system.

Break out of the silos

Forget the headache of learning to use multiple tools to run your infrastructure. The FAS2820 is part of the only portfolio on the market with a single, unified data management system – NetApp ONTAP® for file, block, and object storage that runs on performance flash, capacity flash, and hybrid flash both on premises and in the cloud. With the power of ONTAP, the FAS2820 delivers operational simplicity for IT teams and allows you to mix systems in a single cluster, giving you workload-based, nondisruptive mobility so that workloads can be matched precisely to the right tier of storage.

And it all just got easier with the introduction of ONTAP One. Every ONTAP based hardware platform from NetApp (FAS, AFF, ASA) now has a simple, easy-to-buy, easy-to-consume software scheme. One line item on quotes, one price, no add-ons, yet all of the benefits and features:

  • Protect your business from ransomware attacks with a suite of security and compliance features.
  • Meet strict performance and availability requirements with multisite resilience and nondisruptive maintenance.
  • Easily adapt and scale to support your future storage needs with scale-out clustering and automated cloud tiering.
  • Simplify and automate your organization’s day-to-day activities with an intuitive onboard GUI, REST APIs, and integrated automation.

ONTAP One is as simple as it gets, and you receive a seamless, feature-rich data management experience to cover all your bases.

Enhanced predictability and adaptability

The FAS2820 is eligible for NetApp Advance, our preferred storage ownership experience that gives your storage system and IT operations enhanced predictability and adaptability. NetApp Advance includes these components:

  • Storage Lifecycle Program. Streamline the tech refresh experience and future-proof your investment.
  • Cloud Advantage. Swap your on-premises controller refresh for cloud services or hybrid cloud storage as a service with the NetApp Keystone™ portfolio.
  • Storage Efficiency Guarantee of 4:1 ratios for SAN workloads. (Ratios vary for other types of workloads; see details here.) We guarantee that if our products don’t meet your workload efficiency goals, we’ll make it right at no cost to you.

Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds

Hybrid technologies have emerged as a catalyst for customer satisfaction across various industries. By combining the valued features and capabilities of different systems, these hybrid approaches offer customers enhanced performance, increased efficiency, and greater flexibility.

The power of hybridization lies in its ability to provide customers with better outcomes, ensuring that their needs are met while driving progress and innovation.

Check out the family of FAS hybrid systems to learn how you can get the best of both worlds: cost-effective storage solutions with broad data management capabilities.

Jamie Wheeler

Jamie is a product marketing manager for NetApp’s on-prem portfolio including FAS hybrid arrays and AFF all-flash systems. Previously, Jamie spent time developing go-to-market strategies for NetApp’s professional services solutions. When not in the office, you can find him hiking, biking, and enjoying time with family.

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