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Continued innovations with end-to-end 100G FlexPod

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Anand Louis

The demand for high-speed data transfer and processing is increasing rapidly, driven by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics. To address this need, Cisco and NetApp have collaborated to develop a 100G FlexPod® solution, which is designed to deliver high performance, scalability, and reliability for data-intensive workloads.

The 100G FlexPod solution is built on the latest Cisco UCS X-Series servers and Nexus switches, combined with NetApp® AFF storage. Its flexible and scalable architecture supports a wide range of enterprise applications and workloads, from virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to high-performance computing (HPC).

NetApp and Cisco have a joint commitment to continue investing and innovating with FlexPod. Check out the Validated design with 100G end-to-end FlexPod with Cisco UCS X-Series, Cisco Intersight, and NetApp AFF Storage and the Ansible playbooks for FlexPod automated deployment (Infrastructure as Code).

Why 100G FlexPod matters for all your apps

Today, we have successfully tested and validated end-to-end 100G with Cisco UCS X-Series 100G with modular server form factor and NetApp AFF Storage series. Deploying a 100G solution makes bandwidth-intensive applications perform well, and it also gives you flexibility in how that bandwidth is used. With the 100G FlexPod Infrastructure, you are future-proofing against application demand changes and the need to support high-speed storage applications.

Delivering a more sustainable FlexPod solution

Sustainability and lower costs for customers go together. The savings and carbon reduction are significant because we have combined Cisco X-Series innovations and the ONTAP AFF storage series for a smaller footprint and increased power and cooling savings.

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Anand Louis

Anand Louis is a Principal Product Manager for FlexPod at NetApp’s Hybrid Cloud Group. He is currently responsible for FlexPod XCS, joint Cisco & NetApp solution, built on Cisco Intersight. Prior to NetApp, Anand has held positions in product management, sales enablement and marketing teams at high-tech companies including Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

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