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Drive Infrastructure Investment…Be the Cloud Architect

Aubrey Muhlach

Are your operations teams free from lengthy resource provisioning and manual storage management? Do they rely on automation to make sure that the right cloud infrastructure tools, integrations, and automated policies are in place to fuel your company’s innovation? If your company is like many, your answer is no. Most organizations are still working toward adopting a DevOps framework that can help them quickly and seamlessly create, test, deliver, and deploy new ideas and software.

Make It Easier to Adopt DevOps

As your organization moves toward DevOps and considers framework requirements, keep in mind that you need to find a way to support six core capabilities: containers, configuration management, code and binary management, continuous integration/continuous delivery, cloud and platform as a service (PaaS), and analytics. Your cloud infrastructure is an important part of enabling these capabilities.

Here are some key questions to ask your team and your cloud infrastructure vendor as you work through the process of moving toward DevOps:
  • How extensible is the underlying infrastructure?
  • How can our infrastructure do more than just support applications or store data? How can it also help to drive value to DevOps and the business as a whole?
  • How well does the infrastructure integrate with the organization’s chosen tools and frameworks?
  • How easily can infrastructure components be called or accessed by using software code-based methods (APIs, plug-ins, native integrations, and so on)?
  • How quickly can the infrastructure adapt to changing needs and conditions?
The answers could mean the difference between just serving application needs and adding true value to the business.

To help organizations like yours, we recently updated and republished our white paper, “Why Code Is Driving Infrastructure Investment: Differentiating and Adding Value with Cloud-Architected Infrastructure.” The paper offers in-depth information about how a cloud-architected infrastructure that enables DevOps processes can help you turn your IT department into an innovation engine and profit center.

Read the white paper and then take a look at how NetApp can support and advance your organization’s DevOps journey.

Aubrey Muhlach

Aubrey is a product marketing manager for NetApp where she creates lively content and success stories for customers looking to achieve the next generation data center. Outside of work, Aubrey spends her time enjoying the Colorado sunshine and planning her next travel adventures.

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