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HCI is Dead. Disaggregate and Hybrid Cloud Today.

Cynthia Gutowski

HCI_is_Dead-1024x684Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) helped organizations reduce costs and complexity by consolidating compute, storage and networking into a single system. As business needs have shifted and IT teams are tasked with reducing silos, delivering and deploying apps in both public and private clouds, and creating a public cloud experience in the data center, a new architecture has emerged: disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI).

According to IDC, dHCI allows customers to scale in a nonlinear fashion, unlike traditional systems that require nodes running a hypervisor. With dHCI you can consolidate workloads without compromise and deliver private clouds with public-cloud simplicity while moderating application licensing with consistent management between clouds. 

Our dHCI solution, NetApp® HCI, is the ideal solution for hybrid cloud. It allows you to independently scale storage and compute and delivers guaranteed efficiencyIt gives you public cloud benefits—frictionless consumption, self-service, automation, and programmable APIs—in your private cloud. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!  It lets you work with open source tools like Trident, Ansible, and Kubernetes to deliver, deploy, and manage across all of your clouds for a hybrid multicloud experience. You get maximum flexibility and performance so you can deliver a superior user experience and enhance your organization’s competitive edge.    As you evaluate hybrid cloud technologies, be sure to check out all that NetApp HCI offers. To make it easy for you, we compiled resources that show how NetApp HCI helps you eliminate silos, combine workloads, lower your enterprise hypervisor licenses, and more. Plus, see the results of the Evaluator Group VM and VDI performance testing of our disaggregated HCI solution.    See how you can deliver, deploy, and manage faster and more efficiently across all your clouds. Learn more.

Cynthia Gutowski

Cyndi Gutowski is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp where she drives business agility through SolidFire and Element OS. With over 25 years in the storage industry she has held a variety of roles in the lab and as a Product Manager, Tech Marketing Manager, and Strategic Customer Manager for disk, flash, and software only solutions aimed at digital transformation. Prior to joining NetApp, Cyndi was the Technical Product Marketing and Strategic Customer Manager at Oracle responsible for Hybrid Cloud solutions

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