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Data Is the New Fuel for Innovation. Can Your Business Tap Its Power?

Taryn Moy

You can’t expect data to fuel innovation if your organization isn’t prepared to use it. To investigate how and why businesses must reengineer themselves to deliver on the promise of data through digital transformation, NetApp teamed with the Wall Street Journal and analyst firm IDC to deliver original research and content targeted at digital transformation.

Recent findings from IDC’s global research study showcase the strategies and technologies that businesses are employing to accelerate their digital transformation. The eye-opening results highlight the data-related challenges and corresponding maturity stages of organizations that thrive compared to those that resist transformation.

According to the IDC, within the first three years of adoption, data-driven businesses experienced:

  • A two-fold increase in revenue growth and customer satisfaction
  • A three-fold advancement in profits and customer acquisition
  • A six-fold improvement in efficiency

IDC is releasing new research that examines how organizations in healthcare, finance, and manufacturing deal with digital transformation. Tune into the on-demand webcast for results and to hear the discussion.

For a discussion of real-world examples, watch as industry leaders from NetApp and Integrated Archive Solutions demystify the “digital transformation” buzz word. Examining the need for a cultural shift, WSJ talks with Renown Health about its journey to becoming a leader in data-driven diagnostics and pioneering the world’s largest community-based health study.

Check back as the WSJ and NetApp continue to tell fascinating stories of enterprises transforming their businesses—and the world—with data.

A digital transformation deep dive isn’t complete without insight and metrics from subject-matter experts and C-Suite leaders at organizations like Dow Jones and IDC. These experts share one common observation: Transformation is no longer optional. It’s become a baseline requirement for business success.

Hear key insights from:

  • Bill Miller, NetApp CIO
  • Ramin Beheshti, Dow Jones Chief Product and Technology Officer
  • Crawford Del Prete, IDC President
  • Henri Richard, NetApp EVP, WW Field and Customer Operations
  • Matt Watts, NetApp Director, Technology and Strategy

Watch the video Build a Data-Driven Culture for guidance from more subject matter experts and industry leaders about high-value metrics. Get the inspiration and background you need to help your organization thrive with data.

Taryn Moy

Taryn is a Brand Program Manager in the Brand Strategy team at NetApp. She enjoys spreading the word on the depth of NetApp’s portfolio and how it enables customers, like DreamWorks Animation, to lead with data and achieve new heights in their businesses. Prior to NetApp, Taryn worked at Forbes Media and United Business Media, creating content programs for many technology companies. In her spare time, she enjoys keeping up with her kids, eating sweets and long walks with good friends.

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