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Customers around the world choose NetApp for healthcare data solutions

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Dave Nesvisky

Healthcare data is more valuable now than ever before. From long-term and acute care facilities to pharmaceutical and medical device companies, organizations around the globe are leveraging healthcare data to improve the experience of patients and clinicians, improve the health of the general population, and reduce costs. When it comes to protecting, storing, and managing that data, healthcare organizations need to have a partner they can trust.

NetApp is leading the way in helping healthcare organizations reinvent their data footprint and drive digital transformation. Here are just a few examples of how these organizations are partnering with NetApp to develop and deploy innovative patient-centric solutions across the continuum of care.

Siemens Healthineers

NetApp is helping Siemens Healthineers build a hybrid cloud to support innovations in healthcare. This revolutionary medical device company is dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to understand more about the human body. Siemens Healthineers developed a cloud-first strategy, supported by NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP®, which gives the company increased flexibility to respond to the changing business demands in healthcare.

Blue Cross Blue Shield NC

In the tightly regulated environment of HIPPA PHI and PII data, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) NC has evolved from being an organization with on-premises data centers to leveraging cloud speed and becoming a true development operation. Serving 3 three million members with healthcare and wellness management services, BCBS NC leverages NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Kubernetes, and OpenShift for a fully containerized platform.

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Cone Health

By partnering with NetApp, Cone Health modernizes care delivery and saves millions annually. Electronic health record (EHR) systems house huge volumes of data that can be difficult and expensive to manage. Epic Systems is the industry-leading EHR solution. To reduce costs and improve care, this North Carolina-based healthcare system uses Epic on Azure powered by NetApp.

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UZ Leuven

Over the last 20 years, Belgium hospital group UZ Leuven’s standardization and simplification strategy has been driven by a near-complete reliance on NetApp hardware and software. A healthy relationship with NetApp gives UZ Leuven reliable, secure access to data to serve millions of patients. The responsibility for 7 million patient records and all of the applications and data of a major hospital falls to a centralized data center built almost exclusively on NetApp technologies.

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The largest healthcare company in the United States, McKesson distributes one-third of all medicine in North America. To do that at the speed and scale required, the company needed a data-driven infrastructure that improved time to market. A public cloud powered by NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and NetApp AFF gives McKesson the ability to leverage modern healthcare applications and better serve patients.

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Partnering with NetApp, AstraZeneca is speeding the discovery process for life-saving treatments. That’s largely because researchers can access the data they need when they need it, thanks to an updated data strategy that is based on hybrid, multicloud computing and the dynamic movement of data.

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NetApp is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your healthcare data. Only NetApp has innovative, validated, and certified solutions coupled with industry-leading expertise. Our dedicated healthcare team is committed to your mission of improving the lives of others.

From former provider CIOs, hospital clinicians, and telehealth and medical imaging specialists to bio tech and data scientists, our team acts as an extension of yours to ensure the lowest TCO with our tested, secure, compliant, nondisruptive, and highly performant solutions for clinical workloads.

Find out more about what NetApp can do for your healthcare data. And be sure to check out more exciting customer stories from across the healthcare and life sciences industries.

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Dave Nesvisky

Dave is a strategic sales/business development/marketing management leader with over 30 years of experience and success. His background includes 20 years providing Enterprise Healthcare Technology and Application Software Solutions for payers, providers and life sciences in addition to more than 10 years in the public sector. His specialties include: Healthcare (payer, provider, life sciences) and public sector technology executive sales management.

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