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Core Scientific Gives COVID-19 Researchers Free Access to AI Infrastructure as a Service powered by NetApp and NVIDIA

Hoseb Dermanilian

In the battle against coronavirus, we are teaming up to give researchers on the front lines some desperately needed air cover

None of us have faced a threat like this before. But it’s also an opportunity for the world to come together and combine our resources around a common goal. AI and genomic studies are one essential tool in combating the pandemic. To help researchers accelerate their AI-based genomics research, Core Scientific will provide, starting today, free 30-day access to ONTAP AI to help researchers take advantage of NVIDIA’s GPU computing combined with NetApp’s cloud connected all flash storage systems to use NVIDIA Parabricks for GPU-accelerated novel coronavirus related research.

NetApp, Core Scientific, and NVIDIA are teaming up to deliver a free 30 day access to AI infrastructure as a service The NetApp ONTAP AI solution is built on NVIDIA DGX AI systems and NetApp Flash Based Storage, in combination with the Plexus AI stack from Core Scientific.  Plexus provides easy, portal-based access to researchers, with a rich library of data science tools. The infrastructure is cloud-connected, secure, and up and running. It’s ready to be connected to researchers’ data sets anywhere, and be put to work for researchers immediately.

For more information on how to get access, please reach out to:

Hoseb Dermanilian

Hoseb joined NetApp in 2014. In his current role, he manages and develops AI and Digital Transformation business globally. Hoseb's focus is to propose and discuss NetApp's value add in the AI and Digital Transformation space as well as helping customers build the right platform for their data driven business strategies. As part of the business development, Hoseb is also focused on developing NetApp AI channel business by recruiting and enabling the right AI ecosystem partners and enabling Go-To-Market strategies with those partners. Hoseb is coming from a technical background. In his previous role, He was the Consulting System Engineer for NetApp’s video surveillance and big data analytics solutions. Hoseb holds a Masters degree with distinction in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut and he has multiple globally recognized conference and journal publications in the field of IP Security and Cryptography.

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