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Ransomware protection with FlexPod and Cloud Insights

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Anand Louis

When it comes to ransomware and cyber resilience, what do all my customer and partner conversations have in common?

They are terrified and cringe when we start talking about protective measures:

  • Where do we get started?
  • How can I show management that we need to take preventive measures?
  • How easy is it to implement?

Start with ONTAP storage

Perimeter security, firewalls, and deep-packet inspection are critical. But if a breach occurs, the first point of exploit is your precious data, which gets locked up by malicious actors.

NetApp® Cloud Insights brings an industry-leading approach to protect you from ransomware, starting with your on-premises and cloud storage.

These are the counter measures you can deploy with NetApp ONTAP® and Cloud Insights to protect your most important assets—your data:

  • NetApp Active IQ® checks ONTAP systems for adherence to NetApp configuration best practices, such as enabling FPolicy.
  • NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager generates alerts for abnormal growth of NetApp Snapshot™ copies or storage efficiency loss, which can indicate potential ransomware attacks.
  • ONTAP System Manager enables analysis of Snapshot percent change or storage efficiency savings in real time.
  • Autonomous Ransomware Protection is included with ONTAP One, with an anti-ransomware feature that leverages built-in on-box machine learning that looks at volume workload activity and data entropy to automatically detect ransomware.


This technical report, TR-4961 - FlexPod security & ransomware protection with NetApp Cloud Insights, details how the Cloud Secure feature of NetApp Cloud Insights can be integrated with the FlexPod® hybrid cloud infrastructure to quickly block malicious user access and protect data in the event of a ransomware attack.

TR-4961 - FlexPod security & ransomware protection with NetApp Cloud Insights

Anand Louis

Anand Louis is a Principal Product Manager for FlexPod at NetApp’s Hybrid Cloud Group. He is currently responsible for FlexPod XCS, joint Cisco & NetApp solution, built on Cisco Intersight. Prior to NetApp, Anand has held positions in product management, sales enablement and marketing teams at high-tech companies including Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

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