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CDW and NetApp Deliver Top-Of-The-Line Scalable NetApp HCI Implementations

Meghan Cevey

In a recent interview, Troy Brick-Margelofsky, a solution architect team lead for CDW’s NetApp practice, explained that CDW is a leader in the hyper converged infrastructure space. “Data fabric and that whole journey has been a very exciting one, and all of the new product sets and the evolution into the cloud and the hyperscalers dovetail very well between our two companies.”

Easy To Implement NetApp HCI Solutions

Customers can easily implement a NetApp HCI solution that includes compute and storage, which can then be independently expanded as needed for growth. This frees businesses from having to purchase equipment that sits idle in anticipation of future needs. The cost savings can be significant, and the performance benefits from NetApp’s optimized cloud services are dramatic.

“For a number of years, we’ve been one of their top partners,” Troy continued. “For NetApp HCI, there are quite a few benefits, one of them being the actual enterprise scale and how the product was designed from the beginning.” The idea is that you can easily implement a NetApp HCI solution that you can implement with compute and storage but then scale independently based on your needs.

59% TCO Reduction, 92% Administration Reduction

The NetApp HCI solution gives businesses a hybrid multicloud experience. NetApp HCI reduces consumption costs by consolidating multiple workloads, reduces TCO by 59%, and increases compute efficiency by 22%. Because of the centralized and streamlined management tools, NetApp HCI results in 92% less administrative time, nondisruptive scaling, and zero downtime.

Working with NetApp, CDW is providing hybrid cloud data services with the goal of empowering businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and tap deep into their data for insights and analysis. Data, regardless of whether it’s stored locally or in the cloud, is managed as a single fabric to simplify storage environments.

NetApp HCI Solves Contention For Resources

Many organizations run their applications such that they coexist on the same infrastructure, which creates opportunities for these applications to interfere with each other due to resource contention. NetApp HCI resolves this challenge because granular control of applications is built in to the architecture, and contention for resources is eliminated.

Storing data in silos, a common practice of many businesses, often makes it challenging to move ahead with digital transformation. CDW and NetApp work together to deliver powerful solutions to this common scenario. By providing this access, businesses gain a competitive advantage because they can move ahead with applications regardless of where the data resides and how it is stored.

The Evolving Data Fabric

An exciting fact about the NetApp HCI is that they continuously evolve the data fabric and ensure the product set is compatible. Customers do not need to implement new silos as they add capabilities; they can rest assured that the existing data fabric will be compatible with their applications and designs.

Troy Brick-Margelofsky said, “We’re excited that the partnership between NetApp and CDW helps businesses transition into the digital age by eliminating the concern about compute and data storage. Companies no longer need to be limited by their hardware, since NetApp HCI can quickly scale to meet any requirements.”

Discover how you can implement NetApp HCI with CDW.

Meghan Cevey

Meghan Cevey is the Channel Strategist for the Americas Cloud Infrastructure sales team responsible for driving channel adoption of the NetApp portfolio. She specifically focuses on NetApp’s HCI solution which provides customers with the most efficient and robust hybrid cloud infrastructure in the market today. In 2007, Meghan joined NetApp as a Field Marketing Manager supporting the Northeast Region. Over the past twelve years Meghan has held various roles within NetApp in the Field Marketing and Channel organizations. Her roles have spanned multiple regions across the country. Prior to being named the Cloud Infrastructure Channel Strategist, Meghan was the Channel Development Manager leading the channel strategy for the Global Financial Region out of New York City. Meghan took the role of Channel Strategist in May 2018, blending field experience and diverse perspectives from the marketing and sales organizations to help power the NetApp channel transformation and adoption of hybrid cloud solutions. Prior to NetApp, Meghan was a top performing sales manager in a global events and advertising agency based in NYC and Bristol, England. She is fluent in Spanish and holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Tennessee. Meghan is very active in various charities, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization very close to her heart.

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