Build your hybrid cloud in just 5 minutes

Matt Watts

Build your hybrid cloud in 5 minutesHow are you getting on with deploying your cloud strategy? Here at NetApp, we’re continuing to make it fast and easy for you to get all the benefits of the cloud to complement your on-premises storage resources.

Would you like to see the latest hybrid cloud innovations that are game changers for you and your staff?

Give me less than 5 minutes, and I’ll show how you can:

  • Create a hybrid cloud data fabric by firing up a NetApp® ONTAP® environment in the cloud, on your choice of any of the largest cloud providers.
  • Discover an on-premises ONTAP system and, with a simple drag-and-drop, have this system replicating data to your cloud instance.
  • Automatically secure your cloud data with encryption.
  • Save money on your cloud resources by taking advantage of leading NetApp storage efficiencies to significantly shrink your data footprint.
  • And help your team comply with the latest data privacy regulations, keeping your company out of hot water.
I haven’t sped anything up. In the video, these tasks are all being done in real time.

That’s how simple it is for us to bring storage endpoints online—on premises and in the cloud—and start connecting them together for backup, test, development, and disaster recovery. The video also gives you a taste of some of the data services we can then layer on top.

But do you want to get even more benefit from your hybrid cloud? We can reduce TCO by tiering cold data to the cloud and increase collaboration across your global teams by caching data near your users. Or maybe you want to connect persistent storage into your Kubernetes environment? We can enable all of these things and more.

Making operations more efficient for our customers, specifically IT operations staff, has always been a key design principle since NetApp’s founding. Whether you’re new at adopting the cloud or have already built a sizable hybrid cloud, NetApp has industry-leading innovations to simplify your storage environment and speed up your cloud adoption.

To learn more, head to NetApp Cloud Central.

Matt Watts

Matt Watts works closely with the Office of the CTO, Product Operations and Marketing teams at NetApp, but spends most of his time at events or with businesses articulating NetApp’s Strategy and the business value of IT. He has over 25 years of IT experience and has been with NetApp for the last 12 years.

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