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Build your dream SAP environment, on-premises or in the cloud

New York City
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Sean Dow
Sean Dow

No matter where you are on your SAP journey, you need a consistent experience. In any scenario—on premises, in the cloud, managed service, or white-glove consultancy—your SAP environment should be efficient, simplified, and lightning fast.

Ask yourself: What does my dream SAP environment look like?

In the cloud or on premises

Is your SAP environment on premises? If so, you might already be thinking about a future migration to cloud. You might be dreaming of a hybrid cloud infrastructure with integrated cloud services and easy data movement across your whole environment.

By modernizing your on-premises infrastructure and building your own data fabric, you can maintain complete control over your SAP data. And you can still migrate easily to the cloud when you’re ready and move back on your premises if needed. A data fabric provides consistent capabilities, such as cloning, system copies, and system refresh across on-premises and cloud resources.

And if you’ve already made the move to cloud—wouldn’t it be nice to move freely between clouds… without dreaded vendor lock-in? Our purpose-built solutions for Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and IBM give you the freedom to choose your preferred cloud and move data between clouds if you choose to.

Fast, available, simple

No matter where your environment lives, disruptions are just not an option. But is it possible to describe an SAP environment as “fast, available, simple?”

Our solutions for SAP deliver proven 99.9999% availability for nondisruptive operations and zero downtime. That means serious peace of mind. With automatic storage failover and nondisruptive disaster recovery testing, you’ll always be able to expect the unexpected. And delivering this availability and speed doesn’t mean making things overly complicated. You’ll have fewer components to deal with, integration with tools you already use, and in many cases, significant cost savings.

Ready for whatever comes next

As far as we know, there’s no such thing as a static SAP environment. Your applications, workloads, and data will never stop growing, which means your infrastructure has to keep up and have the flexibility to change and evolve. Who knows—what if you’ll be supporting some exciting NVMe or AI technologies in the next few years?

For more than two decades, we’ve been working in an ever-deepening partnership with SAP to help you take advantage of our technology for future-proof environments—limitless scaling, shortened development cycles, and flexibility and support across on-premises and cloud setups. In any environment, your SAP will be ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Build your checklist

You know your SAP environment better than anyone, so why should we tell you what you need? Build your SAP checklist with your specific needs—yes, even the “nice-to-haves.” Our SAP specialists have the solutions to help you make that wish list a reality. We’ll meet you where you are on your SAP journey and help you plan where you want to go. And we won’t pressure you to take any steps you aren’t ready for.

You bring your checklist (no matter how long), and we’ll make it our to-do list.

Sean Dow

Sean is the Market Strategist for Modern Analytics Solutions at NetApp. He joined the marketing team at NetApp in 2019 and has held roles on the Private Cloud and SAP solutions teams. Prior to NetApp, he spent 9 years in the financial industry, occupying various roles. Outside of work you’ll likely find him skiing, golfing, singing loudly in his car, or enjoying the Colorado mountains with his wife and dog.

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