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5 ways to build a better hybrid cloud on AWS with NetApp + VMware

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Laurence James
Laurence James

Taking advantage of hybrid cloud and modern containerized applications sounds appealing—but redesigning infrastructure and refactoring enterprise apps sure doesn’t. 

Thankfully, there’s a better way. VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS is an easy way to break down barriers to cloud adoption for your data intensive business workloads – without making significant changes to your infrastructure. And integrating NetApp® ONTAP® data management technologies with your VMC on the AWS cloud takes applications and data assets to the next level, setting the stage for you to gain a competitive advantage. 

Are you ready to see the transformation? Here are 5 ways to build a better hybrid cloud on AWS with NetApp + VMware. 

From complex data management to unified data management

Modernizing your IT environment and figuring out how to leverage your VMware investment in the cloud can feel like a full-time job. With NetApp solutions for VMware, you can combine the agility of AWS with NetApp ONTAP enterprise-grade data services, either as a self-directed solution or as a fully managed native AWS service. Choose what works for you.

From limited flexibility to limitless flexibility

You’ve been locked into your environment without the flexibility to migrate workloads to the cloud, even though your needs change over time. Well, not anymore. With NetApp, you can extend on-premises and other cloud environments to AWS, if and how you want to. You’ll have the flexibility to migrate your workloads to AWS to best meet your needs.

From vulnerable to protected

Ransomware attacks are always a threat—and without the right policies and response protocols, downtime is inevitable. Fortunately, our solutions for VMware provide visibility to malicious activity, allowing you to detect potential attacks before they disrupt your business. You’ll get consistent prevention, detection, and recovery features across your enterprise hybrid cloud.

From TCO heartburn to TCO efficiency

Growing storage demand used to mean an ever-expanding wallet. But with NetApp ONTAP storage efficiency and cost-saving features, users typically save 65% on general-purpose workloads. And with the ability to scale compute and storage independently, you can right-size your hybrid cloud and pay for only the resources you need.

From basic data services to powerhouse data services

You need data services that help you run faster, not slow you down. Our solutions for VMware include a portfolio of intelligent cloud and data services that automate, optimize, and analyze service delivery operations. You’ll run faster and more reliably across your hybrid or multicloud environment.  

Have we caught your attention? Check out our infographic and explore the top 10 reasons why NetApp for VMware on AWS just makes sense. 

Laurence James

Laurence is responsible for driving market awareness for NetApp’s products across EMEA. His focus is on business growth and aligning NetApp’s offerings with customer and market needs. Laurence works across all of NetApp’s products and has an in-depth understanding of diverse customer requirements to deliver value across the entire range of the product suite. Working with a dedicated and experienced team, he now assists in developing and implementing campaigns that support the positioning of NetApp’s Cloud Infrastructure products. Laurence has many years’ experience working with all aspects of Enterprise IT and held roles at Oracle, Sun Microsystems and StorageTek. For nearly 20 years he was Principal IT Consultant at the UK Meteorological Office.

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