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Automate and Integrate Your Data with NetApp Active IQ APIs

Cory Cataldo

Are you a techie? Or do you have one on your team? Or maybe you just love the idea of automating your work processes? If any of those apply to you, listen up! And even if they don’t apply to you, you’ll want to read this blog post anyway, just because you want to know what all the cool kids are doing.

You already know about NetApp® Active IQ®. Of course you do, because you’re savvy and in the know about the best way to get the deepest insights into your NetApp gear and how it’s doing. So, of course, you log into Active IQ to bathe in the light of all this wisdom. In fact, it may be one of the ways you optimize your systems, save your company money, and look really smart to your boss. Yep, you are one of the cool kids.

But did you know that the same crazy-smart people who brought you that all-you-can-eat buffet of delicious data in Active IQ have taken things one step further and created a new way for you to consume that information? I’m talking about APIs! Yes, application programming interfaces. (I know that you already knew what API stands for. I spelled it out just for completeness.)

These APIs allow an authorized user to log into Active IQ programmatically and pull sections of data from various buckets of interest across the database. These accessible chunks of data are the same ones shown in the Active IQ web portal that you already know and love – and count on to look super smart to your boss.

Okay, let me come clean here. We’ve just started building these APIs out, so we don’t yet cover every single piece of data. But we’ve built a couple dozen APIs that hit many of the areas of most interest to our users—things like storage efficiency, system capacity, system health, and performance data. We’ve been running in a restricted beta mode for a few months to work out the kinks. Now we’ve launched this feature for general availability, offering all of this exciting goodness to our entire user base. Now you can log in, check out the API catalog, and start thinking about how you want to use these APIs to automate your processes. Using the Active IQ APIs, you’ll be able to pull the data of interest and integrate it directly into your company’s workflow, viewing it when and how you want to see it. This type of automation and integration can add efficiency to your work and allow you to focus on the items of most importance to you. And, I might add, make you look really smart in the process.

For more information, visit Active IQ often to be savvy about your gear, and also to visit the API Services section and do some exploring. If you have any questions, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to comment on this post!

Cory Cataldo

Cory Cataldo is a product manager at NetApp, where he has worked on various tools for the past 10 years. His passion is to guide his teams to create tools that save NetApp customers time, money, and energy. He works out of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. When he is not working on the next big NetApp feature, Cory spends time waterskiing, wakeboarding, and surfing with his boat crew. Catch him on @NetApp_Rocks.

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