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Rising to the top with Aston Martin F1® Team with FlexPod

George Kurian shaking hands with Aramco Formula One® Team Member

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Emily Miller
Emily Miller

The 2024 Formula 1® race season is about to begin, and we’re thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Aston Martin Aramco F1® Team. NetApp has partnered with Aston Martin F1® Team since the team returned to the grid in 2021, and now continues that relationship as the team’s Global Data Infrastructure Partner.

For the last three seasons, NetApp and Aston Martin F1® Team have strived to maximize performance on and off the track. In 2023, the team achieved seven podiums, scored 280 points, and finished fifth in the Constructors’ Championship—its best season to date.

NetApp logo on a server room glass door

And things were just as successful off the track. The team officially opened the Aston Martin Racing Technology Campus (AMRTC), a state-of-the-art building dedicated to bringing the team’s ambitions to life. Data lives at the core of the facility, powering on-track decisions and influencing race outcomes wherever the team is racing.

It’s this constant innovation and hunger for improvement that makes NetApp a perfect partner for Aston Martin F1® Team.

The constant drive for innovation

A Formula 1® team is looking for every opportunity to gain an extra millisecond of speed. Getting ahead on the Formula 1® grid requires thinking outside the box, developing innovative solutions, and disrupting the norm.

At NetApp, we know that every disruption is really an opportunity for new breakthroughs. By building an intelligent data infrastructure that drives innovation, Aston Martin F1® Team can make the most of thousands of data points generated on and off the track to produce their most competitive car. Every race becomes a chance to push the limits of performance, discover groundbreaking solutions, and rise to the challenge.

The FlexPod® data center solution from NetApp and Cisco plays an integral role in Aston Martin F1® Team’s success. Implementing FlexPod enables the team to achieve maximum operational efficiency, no matter where in the world the team is racing. NetApp® technology gives Aston Martin F1® Team the reliability, scalability, and availability to share and access data between the track and AMRTC.

Taking on a new season together

It’s been an exciting ride so far, and we can’t wait to see what the 2024 season has in store for our partnership with Aston Martin F1® Team. Personally, it’s been fantastic to ride along with such an iconic brand these past few years. Together, we’ll continue to push to the front, navigate all the twists and turns, and (hopefully) rise to the top of the podium.

To learn more about our partnership with Aston Martin F1® Team, visit the Aston Martin F1® Team and NetApp Partnership page.

Emily Miller

Emily leads Brand Experience for NetApp. She’s focused on driving NetApp’s reputation as a cloud storage leader in the market through brand and content strategy, creative leadership, sponsorship programs and digital/live experiences. With experience on both client and agency side, from small start-up to global conglomerate, Emily brings a down-to-earth approach combined with creativity and humor to get things done. She has a BA in History from Yale and an MBA from the UC Berkeley/Haas School of Business.

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