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Data storage that’s ready for the modern world

Proven innovations built for simplicity, security, savings, and sustainability, on premises and in the clouds

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Jeff Baxter
Jeff Baxter

At NetApp, we know that you have plenty of uncertainties to worry about. IT complexity continues to grow while the global macroeconomic environment remains unsettled. There’s a drive towards more sustainable technology spurred on by a more urgent focus on rising energy prices. And of course, the exponential increase in cyberthreats continues. There’s a lot on your plate, and your data storage shouldn’t add more worries to your list.

We believe that technology should deliver simplicity, security, savings, and sustainability so that you can keep innovating every single day despite what the world throws at you. It’s why we deliver operational simplicity and automated ITOps as well as built-in data protection and security. And our flash storage is backed by guaranteed efficiency to save you money while reducing your energy usage and carbon footprint.

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of a series of new NetApp® products and programs. With these, we’re helping you modernize block data storage for mission-critical applications and achieve uptime objectives. And we’re helping to reduce the impact of ransomware attacks. Want the highlights? Check out the video below.

Introducing NetApp ASA: All-flash SAN arrays for block storage

First, I’d like to introduce our new NetApp ASA systems (all-flash SAN arrays) that are now part of our comprehensive NetApp ONTAP® based storage portfolio. These systems provide high-performance SAN storage for your business-critical applications, databases, and VMware infrastructure. NetApp ASA gives you the latest in active-active symmetric data access on an all-NVMe flash system with industry-leading integrated data services and an ownership experience that helps you future-proof your technology. NetApp ASA series systems come standard with our 4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee and a brand-new Six Nines (99.9999%) Availability Guarantee.

There’s a ton more to tell you about this new product line. Check out the full blog post from Sandeep Singh, our Senior Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Storage, for all the details.

New Ransomware Recovery Guarantee

Ransomware is a scourge that just won’t quit, and we know that risk weighs heavily on your shoulders. NetApp ONTAP has a comprehensive suite of integrated technologies to help you protect against, detect, and recover from ransomware attacks. And while no ransomware detection or prevention system can guarantee complete safety from a ransomware attack, we’re confident that if the worst happens and you suffer from an attack, we can help you recover. We’re so confident, in fact, that we’re now offering a Ransomware Recovery Guarantee for primary storage. NetApp will warrant snapshot data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack. And if you can’t recover your data copies with help from NetApp or with partner assistance, NetApp will compensate you.

I can’t do justice here to the comprehensive suite of cyber resilience solutions that are built into our technology. For the full scoop, read the blog post on cyber resilience and the Ransomware Recovery Guarantee from our expert, Jason Blosil.

More new ways to modernize without compromise

There’s so much more that we’re launching today, including the availability of our ONTAP One comprehensive software suite on all NetApp AFF, ASA, and FAS systems. We’re also extending much of that software to all our customers’ existing storage arrays that are covered under NetApp support. ONTAP itself has a new major May 2023 release. We have an exciting new version of NetApp StorageGRID® solution  (11.7) and a next-generation all-flash object storage, the StorageGRID SGF 6112. We also are launching a new FAS2820 storage array with up to a 50% performance improvement over its predecessors. Together, these are all designed to help you maximize the value of your NetApp data storage purchases and investments.

For more than 30 years, NetApp has been leading the industry with innovative solutions to continually meet the evolving data needs of our customers. These latest announcements ensure that we provide the absolute best in data storage, ready for the modern world.

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Guarantees that are referenced in this blog each have specific terms and conditions that apply.

Jeff Baxter

Jeff Baxter is Vice President, Product Marketing at NetApp. In this role, Jeff leads the team responsible for core product & solutions marketing at NetApp. Previously, Jeff has held a variety of technical and strategy roles at NetApp, including serving Sr. Director of Product Management for ONTAP, Chief Evangelist for ONTAP, and Field Chief Technology Officer for the Americas at NetApp.

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