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Any Cloud, One Experience – Managed Kubernetes on VMware

Matt Baldwin

Kubernetes gives an enterprise a standardized way to run containerized workloads anywhere at scale and with resiliency. NetApp Kubernetes Services is a management platform which provides operators, developers, and others the ability to manage Cloud Native Applications and Kubernetes infrastructure anywhere it is placed without needing prior knowledge.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve continued to extend our Cloud Native Anywhere story with our support for managed Kubernetes on VMware. Users can now manage workloads and infrastructure across public and private environments in a single pane of glass. Just bring your VMware vSphere stack and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ve extended all the features you would find in our public cloud offering, such as node pools, auto-scaling, RBAC management, cluster lifecycle, application management, enterprise registry, metrics and logging dashboards, and more, into our managed Kubernetes offering on VMware.

It doesn’t matter where your environment runs, NKS can manage it in a single pane of glass alongside clusters running in Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. We also help organize and enable your data to become portable across these environments with our NetApp storage support through Trident. We provide an “any cloud, one experience” option for users which is unmatched in the industry.

We are the industry’s first truly universal control plane for Cloud Native Applications and Kubernetes infrastructure. NetApp not only delivers features for managing your K8s clusters, but we also support managing your application workloads running on those clusters.

Creating a managed Kubernetes cluster on VMware is simple.

Once built, you can see a quick dashboard of various items, like node pools and master setup, in your details.

Or just go back and see a list of all your other clusters, plus the new VMware one you just built.

We also support Application Management on VMware, including:

  • Projects: Manage permissions, resources and quotas for namespaces.
  • Git Workflow: Git push and watch your workload update in one or many clusters.
  • Enterprise Registry: Manage and push to a private registry in NKS.
  • Packages: Leverage our marketplace of Trusted Charts to deploy qualified solutions into your clusters.

We follow a few principles in NKS:

  • Simple, usable: We get you from 0 to Kubernetes in minutes on VMware.
  • App Management: We make it easy to manage your deployed workload and the data underneath.
  • AnydayOps: We support day 1 and day 2 needs both on infrastructure and application workload.
  • Easy Storage: We make ONTAP easy to use, but keep all the richness.
  • Ecosystem integrations: Integrated partner solutions.
  • Enterprise Support: We back each cluster with NetApp Enterprise Support - 24/7/365.

We are currently running a pre-release program for Managed Kubernetes on VMware and encourage you to reach out to the team through the community. Along with providing support for VMware Anywhere we make the on-premise cloud experience even simpler with our managed Kubernetes on NetApp HCI offering.

Matt Baldwin

Matt Baldwin is the former Founder and CEO of StackPointCloud, now a NetApp company. As part of NetApp he serves as the Director of Cloud Native Engineering and is their Chief Kubernetes Architect, helping drive the company's multi-cloud Kubernetes vision. He is the creator of the NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS), the leading management and automation platform for public multicloud Kubernetes. Along with his work in Kubernetes and Istio, he also runs the largest Cloud Native community in the world spanning San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Berlin.

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