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AI Storage: the big picture

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Mackinnon Giddings
Mackinnon Giddings

What is AI storage? What are the data storage requirements to run my artificial intelligence program? If you’re starting to ask these questions, we’re here to help.

What is AI storage?

Artificial Intelligence and modern data analytics techniques are fueled by an enormous amount of data. That data is processed in real time at the edge, stored at the core, and brought to the cloud for training. You require a solution that is scalable and that can move data seamlessly from edge to core to cloud.

How does AI data storage work?

To illustrate how storage for machine learning (ML) and AI works, let’s picture a modern smart factory. The factory uses sensors and cameras along its production line to detect damage, inconsistencies, and defects.

AI storage at the edge. The edge is where the sensors collect the data and process it in real-time. This is not where data is stored, but your storage network requires seamless connectivity to the core and cloud.

AI storage at the core. Every moment that each sensor is operating on a production line, it’s collecting data, and data is the new oil – a valuable resource to be safeguarded. So when the edge devices collect and process the data, it is moved into AI storage at the core.

AI storage in the cloud. Streamlined access to data through the cloud enables data engineers and data scientists to experiment freely. At the factory, the data collected on products moving through allows data scientists to build “digital twins.” These digital copies use AI and ML techniques to iterate on design and features, improving future products.

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Mackinnon Giddings

Mackinnon joined NetApp and the Solutions Marketing team in 2020. In her time, she has focused on Enterprise Applications and Virtualization, but uncovered a passion in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. In her current role as a Marketing Specialist, Mackinnon strives to push messaging and solutions that focus on the intersection of authentic human experience and innovative technology. With a background that spans industries like Software Development, Fashion, and small business operations, Mackinnon approaches AI topics with a fresh, outsider perspective. Mackinnon holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She continues to live in Colorado with an often sleeping greyhound and a growing collection of empty Margaux bottles.

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