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AI and analytics at INSIGHT 2022


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Mackinnon Giddings
Mackinnon Giddings

Another year passes and artificial intelligence and modern analytics advance. Outside of the business world, it’s hard to miss the explosion of AI-generated art and the debates it’s sparked, thanks to OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 program. And controversy around Google LaMDA's potential sentience made of the rounds of the news.

In other words, AI is becoming more accessible and more mainstream, with 2022 being a year of AI headlines. This growth is made possible, in part, by advances in modern data platforms and improved technology to help us manage awesome amounts of data.

At NetApp, we're data management experts, and we’re excited for you to join us at NetApp INSIGHT® 2022 so we can share out perspective. ­­

For higher-level business discussions, check ou­­­­­t this session:

NetApp and Samsung SDSA provide a best-in-class AI solution. Learn how you can streamline your AI workloads—from labeling the data to overtraining the model to cloud deployment—with an easy-to-use big data environment powered by Samsung SDS Brightics AI Accelerator and the NetApp ONTAP® platform.

Hestion Priestley, SE, NetApp

Patrick Bangert, VP of AI, Samsung SDS

Pong Yuen gains a competitive advantage from the metaverse. With NetApp ONTAP AI, a proven architecture powered by NVIDIA DGX, the possibilities are endless. Pong Yuen is using the AIOps architecture to drive innovation across industries.

Dickson Lee, Senior Sales Manager, NetApp

Technical Sessions

If you’re interested in technical deep dives into NetApp’s growing capabilities, check out the following sessions:

NetApp AI–Solving customer problems from on premises to cloud. This session covers the NetApp portfolio for AI and analytics, including NetApp reference architectures and tools for AI on premises and in the cloud, and industry vertical solutions for specific customer use cases.

David Arnette, Principal TME, NetApp

Optimizing AI in the Cloud. This session discusses the value that NetApp can bring to AI workloads in the cloud and presents a few solutions in the hyperscaler clouds as examples of the efficiency and productivity that NetApp can bring to that area.

Prabu Arjunan, Cloud Solutions Architect, NetApp

Building data lakes for AI and analytics. This session describes how efficient and cost-effective data lakes can be built with NetApp StorageGRID® object-based storage solution and ONTAP. The session also describes how to efficiently transfer data from Hadoop HDFS clusters to ONTAP or StorageGRID with NetApp XCP.

Wade Schulz, MD, PhD, Yale New Haven Health

Gus Horn, Chief Technology Strategist, AI, Analytics & Big Data, NetApp

Modern data analytics, Kafka tiered storage, and data migration. This session showcases building data lakes and Kafka solutions for AI and big data analytics through Spark performance on different protocols, Kafka tiered storage performance, and migration from the data lake to NFS/S3 using NetApp XCP for AI workloads.

Karthikeyan Nagalingam, Principal Solution Architect, NetApp

Autonomous driving—building hybrid data pipelines with Akridata. Build intelligent hybrid data pipelines to operate and develop advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving together with Akridata and NetApp

Tilman Schroeder, Global Solutions Engineer, NetApp

Prabu Arjunan, Cloud Solutions Architect, NetApp

Build your data lake on NetApp StorageGRID and Snowflake. Enterprises can now augment their private S3 data lake with Snowflake services using external tables. Once the data files are staged, users can query files on NetApp StorageGRID as if it were inside a Snowflake database.

Joseph Kandatilparambil, Solutions Architect, NetApp

Introducing BeeGFS on NetApp. From supercomputers to SuperPODs, NetApp has reset the standard for high-performance storage. Haven’t caught the buzz around BeeGFS? Take a crash course and find out where BeeGFS fits in the NetApp portfolio to address AI and HPC challenges

Abdel Sadeks, Product Manager, NetApp

Building an AI Data Pipeline with NetApp and NVIDIA. This lab explores the AI control plane and the DataOps toolkit used with the NVIDIA GPU Cloud and Nemo.

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Mackinnon Giddings

Mackinnon joined NetApp and the Solutions Marketing team in 2020. In her time, she has focused on Enterprise Applications and Virtualization, but uncovered a passion in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. In her current role as a Marketing Specialist, Mackinnon strives to push messaging and solutions that focus on the intersection of authentic human experience and innovative technology. With a background that spans industries like Software Development, Fashion, and small business operations, Mackinnon approaches AI topics with a fresh, outsider perspective. Mackinnon holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She continues to live in Colorado with an often sleeping greyhound and a growing collection of empty Margaux bottles.

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