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Adding NVMe to an existing iSCSI SAN – the easy way

NetApp will be launching their NVMe/TCP for ONTAP functionality. Check out this 5-minute demo to see how to easily add NVMe/TCP to an existing SAN environment.

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Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin

Now that the news about NetApp’s upcoming NVMe/TCP for ONTAP functionality is public, as well as why we prioritized its development after NVMe/FC, I’m excited to show you how our customers can put it into production.

Check out this 5-minute demo to see how easy it will be for our customers to add NVMe/TCP to an existing SAN environment:

*Note that for the above demo, I’m using an early availability build of a version of ONTAP that has the functionality shown built in.

In the demo you’ll learn:

  • How to enable the NVMe functionality on a NetApp® ONTAP® storage virtual machine and define the IP addresses that will be used for the NVMe/TCP target.
  • Why storage virtual machines are really cool.
  • How to simplify network configurations.

Watch the demo today. By the end, you'll see how to have iSCSI and NVMe enabled for the storage virtual machine and ready for you to add all the NVMe namespaces you could possibly want.

After you’ve watched the demo, if you’re interested in other reasons why ONTAP is best for flash, check out 7 reasons why NetApp is best for flash.

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Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin leads NetApp’s global market strategy for its portfolio of hybrid cloud solutions, providing technology insights and market intelligence to trends that impact NetApp and its customers. With nearly 40 years of IT industry experience, Ricky joined NetApp as a systems engineer in 2006, and has served in various leadership roles in the NetApp APAC region including developing and advocating NetApp’s solutions for artificial intelligence, machine learning and large-scale data lakes.

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