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Activate your NetApp superpowers with AutoSupport call home and telemetry system

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Natalia Eichinger
Natalia Eichinger

In today's data-driven world, businesses like yours heavily rely on their storage systems to securely store and manage crucial information. NetApp, a leader in data management solutions, offers the NetApp® AutoSupport® telemetry feature, which plays a vital role in enhancing the customer experience and in streamlining technical support.

What is NetApp AutoSupport?

NetApp AutoSupport is a proactive monitoring and diagnostics feature that’s integrated into NetApp storage systems. It enables real-time monitoring of your storage infrastructure, automatically detects potential issues, and sends notifications to NetApp Support and customers. By using the telemetry data, AutoSupport helps you identify and resolve problems quickly, reducing downtime and improving your overall system performance.

There’s no extra cost for you to turn on AutoSupport and to run it, but the benefits are powerful. Let’s look at some of them in more detail.

Proactive issue detection. AutoSupport continuously monitors your NetApp storage systems, analyzing performance metrics and configuration data. It identifies potential issues before they become critical problems, allowing timely resolution and minimizing the impact on your business operations.

Faster problem resolution. When an issue is detected, AutoSupport automatically generates detailed reports and sends them to NetApp Support. This proactive approach enables support teams to diagnose and to resolve problems more efficiently, reducing the time that’s spent on troubleshooting.

Predictive analytics . AutoSupport uses machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data and to identify patterns. This predictive analytics capability helps anticipate future events and potential risks, enabling you to take preventive measures and to optimize your storage infrastructure.

Firmware and software updates . AutoSupport sends you notifications about recommended firmware and software updates. By staying up to date with the latest releases, your organization can benefit from bug fixes, security patches, and performance enhancements, keeping your systems running optimally.

What about data privacy and security?

NetApp understands the criticality of data privacy and security. AutoSupport is designed with robust privacy controls to safeguard your organization’s sensitive information. NetApp adheres to strict data protection regulations and confirms that your data is encrypted during transmission and storage.

Important to note: AutoSupport telemetry data does not contain any data that’s kept on your storage arrays. It contains only information about how the system is performing: counters, log files, status outputs, alerts, licenses, features, and capacity. No sensitive data is ever sent to NetApp.

In addition, by customizing the level of information that’s included in AutoSupport reports, you have control over the data that’s shared with NetApp.

How do you enable AutoSupport?

Enabling AutoSupport is straightforward. Here's a brief overview:

  1. Access
    Visit the NetApp Support Site and log in with your credentials.
  2. Register
    Register your NetApp storage systems by providing the necessary details, such as serial numbers, system IDs, and support contract information.
  3. Configure
    Navigate to the AutoSupport configuration page and specify your preferences. You can choose the level of data to be included in reports, set notification preferences, and define email recipients.
  4. Test
    To confirm that everything is functioning correctly, perform a test by triggering an AutoSupport message. Verify that the designated recipients get the message.

Activate your storage superpowers

Sending AutoSupport data to NetApp enables your superpowers with support case automation, reduced downtime, a better support experience, access to many of our tools, and more. When AutoSupport is disabled, many NetApp processes, tools, and technologies can’t work. AutoSupport is built into your NetApp systems—just waiting for you to activate it.

To learn more about why and how to turn on AutoSupport, read the blog “Turn on AutoSupport for a more powerful NetApp experience”.

Natalia Eichinger

Natalia Eichinger is a senior product marketing manager for the NetApp StorageGRID object storage solution. Before joining NetApp in 2018, Natalia worked at Microsoft, performing various roles in marketing, working with technical audiences, and looking after the Enterprise Mobility and Security product portfolio.

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