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NetApp’s AAA-rated AI-powered ransomware detection

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Sandra Dunbar
Sandra Dunbar

Ransomware attacks pose a critical threat to organizations globally. These attacks can inflict severe financial losses and irreparable reputational damage. NetApp has emerged as a pioneer in the storage industry, offering built-in threat detection and response for NAS systems. Recently, we’ve achieved a significant breakthrough in ransomware defense.

SE Labs, a respected independent testing organization, has validated NetApp’s AI-powered ransomware detection capability. This testing resulted in: 99% accuracy (99% recall and 100% precision) and an AAA rating for our advanced ransomware detection.

As ransomware attacks grow increasingly sophisticated, traditional security measures often fall short. The consequences can be dire, including data loss, financial extortion, and operational disruptions. To combat these evolving threats, advanced AI solutions are essential for swift and effective defense for ransomware attacks.

NetApp’s built-in AI-powered autonomous ransomware protection operates native in storage layer, providing real-time threat detection. This approach empowers storage administrators to rapidly recover from attacks by quickly reverting to clean NetApp® Snapshot copies of data. Our AI-powered capability builds on existing storage hardening, automatically detecting and responding to file system anomalies in real time.

SE Labs validation: AAA rating with 99% accuracy

To verify the efficacy of NetApp’s ransomware detection, SE Labs conducted thorough testing under real-world conditions. The full results are available in SE Labs’ report, which details the validation testing and awards NetApp’s solution their top AAA rating. Our AI-powered ransomware detection achieved an outstanding 99% accuracy (99% recall and 100% precision). Precision indicates the capability to correctly identify ransomware threats without false positives, whereas recall measures its effectiveness in detecting all instances of ransomware in the test environment.

Date Corruption Detection (Ransomware)

This type of innovation in our ransomware protection underscores NetApp’s commitment to providing cutting-edge cyber resilience solutions that protect our customers’ valuable assets at the storage layer.

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Sandra Dunbar

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