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NetApp on Google Cloud: Three data management advantages for SAP customers

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Geoff Tudor
Geoff Tudor

NetApp and SAP have worked together for more than 20 years to give you some of the industry’s most advanced and reliable data management solutions. Today, there’s an important new chapter in this story: SAP customers migrating to the cloud to generate growth, innovation, and better user experiences.

SAP’s partnerships play a big role in helping you make the most of your cloud options—and there's no better example than NetApp’s partnership with SAP and Google Cloud. If you’re an SAP customer, NetApp® technology on Google Cloud gives you three additional advantages:

  • Accelerated SAP projects. A data fabric powered by NetApp solutions and NetApp ONTAP® data management combine to let you migrate, add new modules, or handle other development tasks on Google Cloud—without taking down your production environment. NetApp architecture also makes it easy to generate multiple SAP test environments using storage-based cloning, and to scale your storage infrastructure without rethinking your data management architecture.
  • The SAP data protection you need, without trade-offs. With NetApp solutions’ multilayered capabilities, SAP customers on Google Cloud get 99.99% storage uptime for mission-critical workloads. These capabilities include scheduled, block-level instant NetApp Snapshot copies, multizonal high availability, cross-region data replication for automatic regional failover, integrated backups to object storage that support eleven nines of durability, and disaster recovery services with NetApp SnapMirror® and cross-region replication.
  • Simpler SAP storage operations. NetApp technology on Google Cloud provides a full platform-as-a-service (PaaS) experience with true “single pane of glass” management for hybrid clouds. In fact, using NetApp solutions on Google Cloud simplifies storage operations so much that many SAP customers no longer need a dedicated storage engineer.

Strong partnerships grow even stronger

Google Cloud stands out with some of the industry’s most powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities and real-time analytics tools—such as live migration for superior system uptime and reliability—and its investment in the world’s most extensive private network infrastructure. It all adds up to make Google Cloud’s infrastructure resilient, and scalable enough to run business-critical SAP workloads where unplanned downtime isn’t an option.

The integration of NetApp technology as a native Google Cloud service creates a significant advantage, but there are others. Google Cloud with NetApp cloud data services can truly transform how SAP customers view data management. SAP components are inherently highly networked, and the underlying data and storage architecture is powerful but also very demanding. NetApp technology is engineered specifically to protect the integrity, availability, and performance of these SAP environments across even the biggest and most complex Google Cloud implementations.

NetApp's enterprise data management capabilities are also integrated and managed as a fully supported and native Google Cloud storage service. This allows SAP customers to move more quickly, cuts data management overhead, and puts another layer of protection around critical data sources. The following are some unique capabilities NetApp brings to Google, the only high-availability multi-protocol file service in GCP that delivers:

    • Up to 99.99% uptime for mission-critical workloads
    • Multi-zonal high availability to protect against zonal outages
    • Scheduled, block-level instant snapshots 
    • Cross-region data replication for auto regional failover
    • Integrated backups to object storage to support 11 9’s of durability

If you’re an SAP customer, you know that your future depends on a successful cloud migration. Now, the partnership between NetApp, Google Cloud, and SAP is giving you a new choice for achieving that goal. And more SAP customers are discovering just what’s possible when they take advantage of NetApp solutions on Google Cloud.

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Geoff Tudor

Geoff leads go-to-market across workloads ranging from SAP, backup and disaster recovery and Google Cloud VMware Engine. He also leads vertical markets including healthcare, media and entertainment and high-performance computing. Geoff was previously vice president and GM at cloud data storage provider Panzura and served for seven years as HPE’s Chief Cloud Technologist for the Americas. He received his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and BA from Tulane University. He resides in Austin, Texas and can frequently be found on the weekends wake surfing with his family on Lake Austin.

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