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10 benefits of a VMware hybrid cloud built on NetApp

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Jason Kotsaftis
Jason Kotsaftis

There’s a maxim in the project management world that goes, “Good, fast, cheap. Pick two.” Generally, it means that if you want something done quickly and well, it’s going to cost you. If you’re OK with cheap and fast, you’re going to sacrifice quality. And if you want it good and cheap, be ready for it to take a while. If you’ve ever remodeled even just a bathroom, you know how true this is.

IT organizations are used to living within limits. There’s always a catch. For example, yes, you can migrate virtualized workloads to native public cloud services, but you’ll have to refactor your applications, which can take years and costs time and resources. Of course, you can keep the apps on VMware solutions in the cloud, but you’ll have to bear in mind that the cost of storage matters, especially in the cloud.

Winning the IT lottery

Now imagine that because you chose NetApp and VMware, you’ve won the IT lottery. NetApp removes the limits for these storage-demanding workloads, allowing you to quickly take advantage of the benefits of the cloud while enjoying significant storage cost efficiencies. If you could migrate your VMware workloads to the cloud quickly, securely, and cost efficiently, without refactoring, what else could you do?

With NetApp and VMware, you can do just that—quickly and cost effectively migrate, extend, and protect your storage-heavy, data-intensive VMware workloads to the cloud of your choice. Other storage vendors may say they can get you to the cloud. NetApp is the only one that can do that in a unified way on premises and in the cloud. Today, not months from now.

Benefits of a VMware hybrid cloud and multicloud strategy based on NetApp

Imagine this: multicloud choice, easy cloud migrations, cost-saving storage efficiencies, and consistent data management across your hybrid cloud infrastructure. NetApp helps you break out of your IT limits, giving you the freedom to do what you need to do to run your business:

  1. Choose any leading cloud provider.
  2. Choose any protocol.
  3. Migrate any workload.
  4. Save up to 50% of the cost of running VMware in the public cloud.
  5. Eliminate data silos.
  6. Move workloads across clouds whenever you want.
  7. Simplify complexity with a consistent operational experience.
  8. Free your IT team to do more high-value tasks.
  9. Enable consistent VMware data protection across hybrid and multicloud environments.
  10. Refactor your applications to the cloud at your own pace, now or later.

NetApp and VMware: A history of innovation

Last year, VMware started working with NetApp to help enable customers to scale cloud compute separately from cloud storage for the first time, to right-size workloads and costs. NetApp is the first and only cloud storage service provider today to be integrated, certified, and supported for use as an external supplemental datastore for VMware Cloud environments running in the largest public clouds. 

Why did VMware choose us to partner with them to build this solution?

  • NetApp® mature multicloud storage services uniquely meet the performance, scale, and functionality needs of VMware workloads, while reducing costs.
  • We have been working with VMware for more than 20 years to design and optimize workloads on premises, bringing that knowledge and expertise to the cloud.
  • The combination of NetApp and VMware solutions is trusted and proven across nearly 20,000 joint customers worldwide today.

Are you ready to see what life is like without limits? Learn what’s possible with NetApp and VMware solutions so good you’ll think you’ve won the lottery.

Jason Kotsaftis

Jason serves as the VMware Global Alliances Director at NetApp. His 20+ year career spans engagement with leading database, application and enterprise infrastructure technologies and the development of new, industry-leading solutions . Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has previously held senior product management, product marketing and alliances roles at Rimini Street, Dell, and EMC.

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