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SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud—powered by NetApp 


When SAP was looking for an infrastructure partner to help launch HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) into the stratosphere, they went directly to NetApp, their trusted mission control. We’ve been innovation partners since 2000, and NetApp was a founding member of the SAP Co-Innovation Lab. SAP knew we had the solutions to accelerate processes, deliver more intelligence, and simplify environments—the perfect foundation for HEC. 

Beyond HANA Enterprise Cloud—the NetApp and SAP partnership 

Who helps SAP run SAP? NetApp.


For more than two decades, we’ve been working in an ever-deepening partnership with SAP. Our integrated solutions enable you to deliver projects faster, more efficiently, and with less risk.

NetApp is our trusted partner. They deliver; they are a key to delivering a robust infrastructure-as-a-service environment, which is the backbone of any software that runs on top of it.

Lalit Patil, Chief Technology Officer, SAP Enterprise Cloud

SAP chose NetApp. Why wouldn’t you?

Azure NetApp Files: HANA Enterprise Cloud’s rocket fuel 

To get up into the clouds, your rocket needs the right fuel. SAP uses Azure NetApp Files to make migration fast and easy, and to run applications seamlessly across the cloud and on premises. And without managing or purchasing extra storage infrastructure, SAP customers streamline cloud adoption.


With Azure NetApp Files, SAP can deliver the scalability and flexibility that speed customer journeys to cloud. 

rocket launching off

Sticking the landing with AFF and ONTAP

A launch isn’t over once the rocket lifts off… you have to stick the landing. And for HANA Enterprise Cloud, that meant becoming the preeminent infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution. But to do that, SAP needed to improve processing speed, product time to market, and security.

As a longtime NetApp customer, SAP had lengthy experience with NetApp® AFF arrays and NetApp ONTAP® data management software. SAP was confident that this solution would deliver the speed, efficiency, and reliability SAP customers expect.

landing pad

Is SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud a public cloud solution? 

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) is a private managed cloud. SAP hosts HEC out of their own data center facilities—which run on NetApp. 

What is a private managed cloud? 

Imagine the security and manageability of an on-premises environment with the scalability and flexibility of cloud. That’s the gist of a private managed cloud: It sets you up for faster cloud migration in the future, with full management to ease the workloads of your IT teams.  

What’s the difference between SAP Cloud Platform and HANA Enterprise Cloud? 

SAP Cloud Platform, once its own branded offering, is now one of the core pillars powering SAP Business Technology Platform. HANA Enterprise Cloud is a private cloud solution, hosted by SAP.

Is NetApp integrated with HANA Enterprise Cloud? 

HANA Enterprise Cloud is built on NetApp solutions—so, yep, we’re integrated. 

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