NetApp and IBM Cloud: Kickstart your digital transformation

Our partnership with IBM began more than 20 years ago. Together, we support your company’s growth objectives with a cloud strategy drawing on the benefits of on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge technology.

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Why NetApp and IBM Cloud?

The combined power of NetApp and IBM brings you the best of breakthrough technologies like industry-leading cloud solutions and AI/ML models that accelerate time to value while providing power, performance, and scalability—all in the cloud. Together, we enable:

  • A “best of all worlds” hybrid cloud approach
  • Unlocking the full business value of data, including AI and ML
  • Business model transformation enabled by cloud

Our own George Kurian recently sat down with Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, to discuss new opportunities for this 20+ year partnership.


NetApp and IBM Cloud deliver for SAP workloads

When IBM needed a partner to support SAP workloads in IBM Cloud, they turned to NetApp because no one brings enterprise-grade, high-performance storage to the cloud like we do. Now you can leverage the most powerful bare metal solutions for SAP with the flexibility, performance, and availability of NetApp services—all on IBM Cloud.

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Featured solutions

Together with IBM, we are working to support the most challenging workloads in the cloud by delivering leading solutions optimized for your business.

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US $500 credit

Sign up today as a new IBM Cloud file or block storage customer and get a US $500 credit when using code: NETAPP500. Talk about easy money.

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