SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH

SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH is one of the leading system integrators in Germany in the fields of data center infrastructure. The company by now has more than 1,200 employees at 19 branch offices all over Germany. The corporate objective of SVA is the combination of high quality IT products of different vendors with the project know-how and flexibility of SVA to achieve optimum solutions. SVA core subjects are High Availability Architectures, High Scalability SAN Architectures, Data Security and Disaster Recovery as well as Virtualization Technologies in the area of servers, desktop and storage. SVA also offers Consulting, On-Site and Remote Services.

The certified "SVA Solution Center" in Wiesbaden provides SVA experts and customers with a broad range of demo, development and education scenarios, covering up-to-date hardware and software solutions of the major vendors. Almost the complete NetApp portfolio can be presented which includes All Flash FAS Systems, StorageGRID and HCI Systems. In Addition to that several Use Cases with 3rd Party vendors are available to demonstrate customer specific solutions and how to integrate them into NetApps solution portfolio.

Solution Specializations

  • Cloud Preferred
  • FlexPod Specialized

Services Specializations

Implementation Services Certified

  • E-Series
  • HCI
  • StorageGRID

Integration Services Certified

  • E-Series

NetApp Keystone Sell-with

Professional Services Certified

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  • Wiesbaden, Germany

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