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PROFI Engineering Systems AG

We are a medium-sized, owner-run and financially strong IT solution house with our headquarters in Darmstadt. Innovative strength and customer orientation are the essential pillars of our company strategy. For more than 30 years we have been supporting our customers with individual, high-quality solutions to optimize IT processes and system landscapes. We have around 350 employees at 13 sites in Germany. We are one of Germany’s most successful system houses and maintain a long-standing partnership with all leading IT producers.

We take care of project management and implementation, including the operation of systems and platforms. Our standard is highest competency, reliability and quality, with measurable success and a direct contribution to the value added and competitiveness of our customers.

Solution Specializations

  • Data Protection Specialized
  • Data Security Specialized
  • Infrastructure Specialized
  • SAP Specialized
  • Spot by NetApp Preferred

Services Specializations


  • ONTAP Data Protection

Keystone Operations

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  • Darmstadt, Germany

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