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Oracle Database on Microsoft Azure

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You know what you’re trying to achieve: a high-performance, highly available Oracle environment with comprehensive data protection so that you can meet all SLA targets. But do you have the foundation to make it happen?

When you move to the cloud, choosing the right storage makes all the difference. And when you choose NetApp for your Oracle databases, you get enterprise-class storage in the public cloud:

  • Better performance—more IOPS with lower latencies
  • Flexibility—deploy and develop applications faster
  • Reduce costs—smaller data footprint, dramatically lower backup costs, a choice of performance tiers, and more
  • Comprehensive data protection—nearly instant backup and restore capabilities, but easy disaster recovery

Your Oracle databases on Azure deserve the best. Let’s build it together.

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Oracle solutions on Azure

Azure is your cloud platform of choice—so, let’s make the most of it.

For more than 20 years, NetApp® ONTAP® storage systems have been used in thousands of the largest and most mission-critical Oracle deployments across industries, enabling fast, stable, and manageable operations.

This foundational technology is now available in the cloud and tailored for Oracle database environments.

building a foundation

Databases on Azure: The Oracle dream house

When your Oracle databases live on Azure, they’re settled into a dream house that’s customized to their individual needs. In a recent Pulse survey, we asked participants why they want their Oracle databases in the cloud. Scalability, affordability, performance… the Oracle dream house has to have it all.

Choosing the right solutions makes all the difference when you unload the Azure moving truck. Whether you’re finishing up some customization or just moving right in, our solutions for Azure accelerate your Oracle cloud deployment and achieve the database and performance protection you need.


Self-managed storage service: DIY

Self-managing your storage services doesn’t mean you’re left to fend for yourself. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a cloud-optimized, software-only storage solution that enables data protection and data mobility for running hybrid cloud workloads. It essentially takes native public cloud storage and makes it faster and smarter.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP has everything you need to meet the ever-changing demands of your Oracle databases, so you don’t have to keep reconfiguring solutions to keep applications running smoothly. Instead, it acts as a management layer between your Oracle databases and cloud storage services, providing an enhanced and optimized user experience. You’re not on your own—you’re empowered to self-manage your storage with the right management tools.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is also the right solution to integrate your cloud operations with your on-premises data environment. Replicate data back and forth between environments, migrate in and out of the cloud as desired, and use all the same management practices for a seamless hybrid experience.

Cloud-native storage service: Move-in ready

Are you ready to stop managing storage infrastructure? Meet Azure NetApp Files, a fully managed cloud file storage service that delivers high performance, provides security and availability for enterprise workloads, and is integrated into the Azure portal. With Azure NetApp Files, you can seamlessly migrate and run your Oracle databases in the cloud without having to procure or manage storage infrastructure as your needs change. You get the benefits of ONTAP, including extremely high performance, superior availability and durability, and advanced data protection. But you don’t have to manage it, because it’s all packaged up as a simple, cloud-centric service.

The best part? You can purchase Azure NetApp Files and access support through your existing Azure agreements—no added paperwork.

Why should I run my Oracle databases on Azure?

Hosting Oracle on Azure means your databases get support from both Oracle and Microsoft Azure. You’ll experience high availability, rapid disaster recovery, and accelerated backups.

How do I run an Oracle database in Azure?

Creating an Azure Oracle database is relatively straightforward. The most common deployment method is to create a virtual machine with the database preinstalled. For a step-by-step guide, check out our blog.

Can I use Azure with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

Yes. There are two primary ways to deploy Oracle on Azure:

  • Using a managed database service by integrating with OCI.
  • Deploying in an Azure virtual machine by using an image from the Azure Marketplace and taking advantage of a managed storage service

What performance and latency can I expect for my Oracle databases and applications?

With Azure NetApp Files, you can expect to achieve millisecond latency and over 25K IOPS.

How will running Oracle databases on Azure affect availability?

Our solutions for Oracle databases running on Azure help you deliver 99.9999% availability.

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