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Fuels Resource Discovery with On-Demand Geoscience Processing
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Fueling Resource Discovery with On-Demand Geoscience Processing

CGG’s proprietary Geovation software is the powerhouse behind the company’s seismic data processing and imaging services. Data collected from hundreds of thousands of sensors is transferred to one of the company’s 30 global subsurface imaging centers, where it is processed using Geovation to create precise, 3D images of the earth’s subsurface. Predictive analytics also offer a deeper understanding of the subsurface for the exploration, production, and optimization of natural resources.

NetApp E-Series is a perfectly designed, high-quality product that does exactly what we need, and nothing that we don’t.

Jean-Yves Blanc Chief IT Architect, CGG

For years, CGG has implemented NetApp® E-Series storage across its global imaging centers. According to CGG Chief IT Architect Jean-Yves Blanc, NetApp provides the best performance at the best cost for CGG’s Geovation environment. With batch jobs reaching hundreds of terabytes, CGG depends on the reliable high performance of its E-Series systems. Having standardized on E-Series storage at each of its global imaging centers, CGG can now add storage modularly as its requirements grow rapidly. E-Series storage is easy to scale and easy to manage, which gives CGG the ability to nondisruptively grow its environment without adding management overhead or complexity. CGG continues to develop and improve its Geovation software, confident that it can rely on NetApp E-Series storage to grow with its business needs and to provide actionable and timely insights to its clients.


CGG gained a cost-effective data storage system that can scale to hundreds of petabytes for high-performance geoscience analysis.

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