Accelerate genomic data sharing and insight

Learn how high-volume genomic data management speeds collaboration, discovery, and care.

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Astrazeneca uses data to accelerate life-saving treatments

Get a glimpse into AstraZeneca's enterprise-wide digital strategy and how they’re getting life-saving medications to market faster.

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Smaller files = faster sequencing

Massive genomic files mean massive data management requirements. See how shrinking files increases efficiency.

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Speed and simplicity boost collaboration

See how the NetApp Data Fabric helps you collaborate across departments, facilities, institutions, and geographies.

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Simplify and integrate data management with cloud

Manage and protect genomic data with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP® – across cloud and on premises.

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Unify, simplify and share

Move from IT silos to a common storage platform for seamless data sharing, on the premises and in the cloud.

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Are you ready to ride the genomic data tsunami?

Drastically reduced sequencing costs are creating massive volumes of data—and NetApp is helping you manage and make sense of it.

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Accelerate genomic insights

Explore the impact genetic analytics is having on science and healthcare, and how NetApp accelerates insights.

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Speed analysis by 30x

Parabricks high-performance computing is tailored for whole genome sequencing and gives you the power to process and store the data you need.

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What’s coming next in genomic data management?

See what’s available and ahead for accelerating genomic research.

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Why cloud for genomics?

Elasticity and convenience are two key advantages. Explore the others.

Solutions for Genomics

Transform disease identification, prevention and treatment through genomic insights. Process, analyze and transfer massive genomics data sets in less time, at lower costs. Capitalize on the security and accessibility of the cloud for faster data sharing and exchange.