Operational support services

Trust NetApp seasoned expertise to manage, support, and optimize your on-premises and hybrid-cloud workloads. So you can deliver greater business value.

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Maximize your IT investment

Keep your business running smoothly—that’s our job. We help you extract greater value from your data by optimizing data storage system utilization, efficiency, and consistency.

The insights you gain translate to critical competitive advantage.

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Increase satisfaction and lifetime solution value

Empower your users to function at their highest level.

The NetApp Services team delivers actionable intelligence for managing and optimizing your data management solutions with proactive and predictive technology.

With IT disruptions minimized, watch productivity soar across the organization.

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SupportEdge services

Gain the right level of support for your business-critical, noncritical, and regulated industry requirements.

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Reduce IT disruptions. Improve data operations. Resolve issues fast.

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Solution support

Streamlined support for FlexPod and NetApp HCI solutions.

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Optimization services

Leverage NetApp expertise to create a plan for more effective IT storage service delivery.

Get started

From simple break-fix to end-to-end storage management capabilities, NetApp Services delivers ready expertise tailored to your operation.

For additional details on NetApp's industry-leading support offerings, please refer to the Service Descriptions.

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Get smart with Elio

Find what you need up to four times faster than traditional methods. Our new virtual support assistant, Elio, is available to quickly and accurately provide the best answers to help you solve your technical-support issues.

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T-Systems sets the standard for zero outages

T-Systems works with NetApp Services to deliver cost-effective, secure, highly available cloud services to its customers. Find out how NetApp is helping T-Systems set a new industry standard for 100% uptime for its cloud services with its Zero Outage Program.

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