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NetApp secures your data, protects its privacy, and supports compliance

The NetApp Trust Center offers transparent, central access to information about our data privacy and security policies, practices, and operations. To empower our customers, we provide clear information about how we secure customer information, protect individual privacy, and comply with global laws and standards.

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Our deep culture of respect, integrity, and teamwork extends beyond our corporate walls to the way we empower our customers to protect their data and their privacy. NetApp earns our customers' trust through transparent commitments to the fundamental principles of privacy and security.

George Kurian, CEO, NetApp

George Kurian
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NetApp’s comprehensive approach to data privacy helps protect personal data and gives customers control over it.

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At NetApp, data security is the foundation on which privacy and compliance are built.

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NetApp integrates compliance with global laws and standards into our policies and operations, and empowers our customers to do the same.

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NetApp builds customer trust through transparency about our values, policies, and practices.

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