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NetApp Keystone

: Storage as a service done right

Not all storage as a service (STaaS) offerings are created equal. Many claim to provide hybrid cloud capabilities, but only the NetApp Keystone® portfolio delivers a real hybrid cloud experience in a single subscription. On premises, in the cloud, or anywhere in between, you choose how you want to build a seamless hybrid data center—while someone else (us!) handles financial risk and humdrum storage tasks. Unlimited flexibility. Real choice. 

Why NetApp Keystone?

Real hybrid cloud operations—without compromise

Agile, secure, and sustainable, Keystone removes the IT burdens of managing storage and eliminates lengthy, expensive procurement cycles. With a choice of operating models and flexible multiyear contracts, Keystone helps you align storage costs to business needs and accelerate time to value — so you can focus on core business operations by managing outcomes, not technology.

We’re a recognized market leader in STaaS. Our consumption-based, pay-as-you-grow solution mitigates risk with a seamless hybrid cloud experience and built-in security. With a unified management console and single monthly billing for both on-premises and cloud data storage services, you can provision and monitor—and even reallocate storage spending across your hybrid cloud environment with ease. It’s the ultimate in financial and operational flexibility.

Experience operational agility at the speed of business

IT operations become easy with NetApp® BlueXP™ for a unified management experience on premises, next to the cloud, and in the cloud.

99.999% data availability, guaranteed

Deploy your mission-critical workloads with confidence. Maximize availability and capacity with state-of-the-art, NetApp ONTAP® based storage solutions—so your mission-critical workloads are available whenever you need them.

Guaranteed performance

Deliver consistently predictable performance levels (IPS/TiB) for business-critical data that is aligned to your performance requirements. Choose from the broadest range of performance tiers to reallocated volumes on demand and deliver performance you need.

Sustainability guarantee

Minimize the impact of your carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals—guaranteed—with standard watts/TiB for each SLA-based performance level, automated data tiering, sustainability monitoring, and cancellation of overprovisioning, on premises and in the cloud.

Simplify storage management

A single service supports both block and file on a unified platform.

Leave behind the cost and complexities of disruptive hardware refreshes

Reduce support and maintenance costs for storage by up to 30%. Free up IT teams to focus on business innovation, not day-to-day tasks.

Architect forward with real hybrid multicloud connectivity

As-a-service everywhere―monitor and orchestrate your hybrid data environment with a single pane of glass. You choose how, where, and when to use data services: on premises and in the cloud.

Cloud ready from the start

Bridge to the cloud with the ability to move to any major public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), seamlessly.

Quickly accommodate new workloads

No need to modify your entire infrastructure.

Respond faster to business changes

Move data, automatically, wherever you need it.

Unlock financial and operational flexibility without risk

Get traditional storage ownership through a cloud-like user experience and usage-based payment model. It’s the ultimate in financial flexibility.

Stop paying for high-performance storage you don’t need

Save over 50% of capacity cost by automatically offloading unused cold data into cost-efficient cloud storage.

Burst storage on demand

No hidden costs for bursting to the cloud, and no premium charges for data changes.

Lower your rates

Flexible multi-year contracts enable you to reduce capacity or shift to the cloud by 25% annually.

Pay only for what you need

Align costs with usage by matching workloads to the broadest range of performance tiers available.

Keystone STaaS

delivers the right operating model for cloud flexibility

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Services Catalog

Keystone STaaS offerings are optimized for performance outcomes and costs for unified file and block, object storage, and cloud data services. It’s time to sink into simplicity and dive into innovation. Experience the ultimate on premises and cloud connector that delivers agility, operational flexibility, and reduced financial risk.

File and block – NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and FC protocols

Tiers Extreme Premium Performance Standard Value
Best for Analytics, databases VDI, virtualized apps, sw dev OLTP, OLAP, VDI, containers, sw dev File shares, web servers Backup
Max IOPS/TiBMay vary depending on the workload characteristics.
(effective capacity)
12,288 4096 2048 512 128
Max throughput MBps/TiB[2] 384 128 64 16 4
Latency < 1 ms < 2 ms < 4 ms < 4 ms < 17 ms
Minimum commitmentMinimum and incremental capacity sizes. 25 TiB 25 TiB 25 TiB 100 TiB 100 TiB
Starting MSRPMSRP based on usable capacity that is measured against subscribed committed capacity, 3-year term, and customer-operated. No add-ons are included. per GiB/month $0.250 $0.171 $0.085 $0.043 $0.021

Object – S3 protocol

Tiers Standard
Best for Media repository, data lakes, archive
Max IOPS/TiB[2] (effective capacity) N/A
Max throughput MBps/TiB[2] N/A
Latency N/A
Minimum commitment[3] 500 TiB
Starting MSRP[4] per GiB/month $0.026

Cloud Services (S3) and Cloud Volumes ONTAP (NFS, CIFS & iSCSI)

Tiers Cloud BackupNetApp Cloud Backup and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP are dependent on the cloud storage and compute characteristics. Cloud-native services like compute, storage, and networking will be invoiced by the cloud service providers.
(all cloud)
Cloud Volumes ONTAP®[5]
(all cloud)
Best for Backup DR, dev/test, business apps
Max IOPS/TiB[2] (effective capacity) N/A N/A
Max throughput MBps/TiB[2] N/A N/A
Latency N/A N/A
Minimum commitment[3] 4 TiB 4 TiB
Starting MSRP[4] per TiB/month $0.045 $0.094

Value-added solutions

Keystone provides the building block to design, build, and integrate our STaaS offering into other technologies and services, delivering value-added solutions through NetApp and our certified partners.

Do full-stack hybrid cloud on your terms

Enjoy the advantages of industry-leading NetApp Flash Storage fully interconnected with Equinix Bare Metal for secure hybrid cloud storage services that can be consumed as part of a full-stack (compute, networking, and storage) solution under a single subscription.

Partner-delivered FlexPod as a Service

Procure a full-stack infrastructure as a service (IaaS), powered by Keystone and Cisco+ from a FlexPod®-certified partner. This simplifies the IT operational experience and unifies subscription, billing, contracts, and support for your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Easy as 1-2-3

Getting started with NetApp Keystone STaaS is easy. First, determine which workloads are best for a storage-as-a-service model. Next, select your performance levels, capacities, and add-on data services. And finally, choose your terms. Our team of specialists will take care of the design, build, and deploy, and have you up and running in as little as two weeks.

Build your Keystone roadmap for success

Start by identifying those use cases that will benefit from a storage-as-a-service offering. Need help planning your roadmap? Explore our portfolio of Professional Services for Hybrid Multicloud, and one of our specialists will help guide your success.

Team planning and building their roadmap

Hop on the Keystone train

With a solid plan in place, it’s time to subscribe to Keystone. Select your performance service levels and committed capacities, add-ons like advanced data protection and data tiering services, contract terms, and who will operate the environment—you, a certified partner, or us. NetApp offers a fully managed service for an additional monthly fee. Need help determining storage requirements for your various workloads? Request a Workload Analysis for Keystone workshop.

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Lean on our expertise

Our team of NetApp specialists is here to provide design, build, installation, configuration, deployment, and onboarding services according to your contract terms. And we can migrate your data onto Keystone and put it on the same bill. We won’t leave until you're happy.

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